A picture sez a thousand words, right?

Well, it won’t elicit quite the right words if an image was deliberately cropped to create confusion.

During the next few days until 17th January ’09 or perhaps even beyond, the following photo will show up on certain blogs which will depict the BN candidate in unfavorable light.


Sooo… was WAF having a good time, karaoking away? I’m certain he did, knowing that doing so during a family gathering won’t jeopardize his sibling relationships if he does it badly (hmmm.. though I’d love to take him on this singing thingy if he’s any good ). But if he does badly at KT, no amount of singing will save his errr.. future day job.

He’ll probably do more of the following at home.


Hang on.. you might say that the two photos aren’t the same although the background images show similar surroundings. For that, you need to go here. I won’t upload that original photo here because I don’t know who the lady is and it’s just ain’t right to do so, under any circumstances.

Stay sharp, be focused on the real issues and for heaven’s sake, don’t emulate BN’s dirty tricks lah.