It’s Day Two. So, let’s take a look at strategic stratagems (hey, please don’t ask me to explain these convoluted terminologies coz yer gonna get me confused too).

AI, the defacto PR leader, opened up his first round salvo with “UMNO is like Israel” (Dang! What was he thinking or was he?) which seems to echo the same thoughts that went through my fellow HartalMSM team-mate, Helen Ang, when she wrote “Malaysia is like Israel” about a week ago. Aiyah! At least, make it sound a little bit more original lah since you got all the intel resources at your disposal compared to poor Helen who had to crack her own cranium.

At the deplorable rate the Gaza thingy is going, one of humankind’s greatest tragedy is being milked of its martyred blood to feed the engines of domestic politics without due compensation. Equating UMNO to Israel is non sequitur in KT, just as much as Hindraf was a non-issue on the East Coast states when it happened in November ’07. Go ask Kicky lah.

If AI had chosen to speak on the ‘Sime Darby Chronicles’ (SDC) and explained the overlapping ineptness and incompetence of the BN leadership of both AAB and NTR to the folks in KT, he’d be stepping forward onto higher ground instead of ‘grandstanding‘ for a slug-fest with thugs.

The SDC is turning out to be a hugh opening act for 2009 (Thanks to Rocky who got the lead from SimeDarbyWatch – SDW  and ‘bled’ the story further) but are we really getting the true picture? If you go here, here and here, you’ll notice that there are still unanswered Qs.

For instance –

a) Is there an ongoing proxy war between AAB/EPU and NTR/MOF? If so, who the heck is running the government? Civil servants?

b) In the case of IJN, why can’t a definite decision be made by the BN cabinet instead of an open-ended ‘deferment’ as if it was done with KT in mind? Was it a short-term appeasement to allay public fears to garner votes?

c) The Labu LCCT initiative by SD/AA does not fit into a national aviation hub program. Since when does commercial entities decide in which direction national infrastructure programs should go (and how quickly)? By right, it should be made by elected (sic) politicians, especially the ones sitting in the Federal cabinet.

Without any doubt, one of the key reason BN lost badly at GE12 was CORRUPTION.

Are we not looking at one happening right before our eyes, especially with UMNO politicians wheeling and dealing with one of their own monstrous creation, Sime Darby, which seems to have lost their raison d’etre as the largest plantation consortium in the world?

Chew on this, AI and spit it out to the folks in KT in more palatable forms so that they’ll be more than happy to vote PAS on 17th January. I hear that you’re a great orator with a brilliant analytical mind to boot so this ‘SDC’ should be eezy peezy.

Let me also just add this comment by ‘Mel’ which appeared at TMI article linked above –


Tasteless comparison – why not take the high road?
written by Mel, January 07, 2009

DSAI has disappointed me again.

Why take the situation in Malaysia (which yes, IS bad but our citizens are being murdered or maimed or orphaned on a daily basis) and compare it to a tragic situation such as the Israeli-Palestinian battle?

It’s a cheap political trick of cashing in on the people’s sentiments with a complete disregard for sensitivity and true moral principles. I’m disgusted by this sort of politicking. I don’t care that it’s a by-election and “politics is dirty” is NOT a good enough excuse. We voted PR because we despise the filth of BN, so they should strive to behave better in every thing they do. That includes stupid statements like these at political rallies that show such incredible disrespect for the people whose lives are being ripped apart.

Lastly, I must point out that you would never EVER hear a horrible comparison like this from Nik Aziz because he is a man who truly sticks to his religious principles, without bending them based on convenience.

Anwar is losing more and more respect by the minute. If he truly sees himself as the future PM, he should learn to take proper stands on the issues while carrying himself in a respectable and moral manner. I hope to see an apology from him about this awful comparison but I’m sure to be disappointed once again.

Call me idealistic if you will, but politics doesn’t have to be dirty. It’s just the easier option chosen by lazy politicians with weak (or nonexistent) morals.

May God forgive us for our sins.


Meanwhile, kudos to PAS’s decision to announce their candidate much later which was an excellent move to pre-empt any mis-steps by BN because all that their candidate can offer now is a big smile.

Yup, that should win some votes from Pewaris, Perkida and PDRM.