Ministry plans huge protest by schoolkids

PUTRAJAYA: Nearly all schoolchildren in the country will be mobilised to protest against the Gaza offensive by Israeli forces.

Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said about five million pupils and 360,765 teachers from more than 10,000 schools would be involved.

“This is to create a wave of pressure for the Israelis to stop their violence and oppression of Palestinian civilians.”

He said the ministry would be working with the Information, Foreign, and Youth and Sports Ministries, as well as Peace Malaysia, to expand the campaign to a mega scale.

“When we protested against the US invasion in Iraq, we managed to get 200,000 people into Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil.

We are confident that youth leaders from political parties, including those in Pakatan Rakyat will join us in this fight against the Zionist regime,” he said after his ministry’s New Year gathering at Putrajaya International Convention Centre here yesterday.

Hishammuddin said the directive was passed in the cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Asked on the danger of exposing children to such atrocities, the minister said: “When they grow up, they will have to face global issue like peace, environment and the economic crisis.”

He said he would be using the Unesco platform, of which he is an executive board member, to voice out Malaysia’s concern over the Gaza crisis.


Has the Education minister gone stark raving mad with this initiative to conscript the entire Malaysian school system for an event that’s considered political in nature?

The BN government had the audacity to reprimand and vilify the participation of youngsters in the Jerit bicycle rally and yet, an outrageous attempt by a member of the cabinet to mobilise school children for a ‘mega protest’ is considered kosher?

Well, let’s see how quickly the Education minister can obtain the letters of consent from concerned parents.. assuming saying “TAK NAK” is an option.

Seriously, folks, HH ain’t showing any brain wave coz he’s definitely brain dead.

“Satu lagi projek BN”

Note: At the time of posting, there were 76 respondents to this NST report who unanimously and categorically disagreed with the minister.