21 Held After Defying Police Order At Dataran Merdeka

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 10 (Bernama) — Police rounded up 21 people including eight women and a 12-year-old boy at Dataran Merdeka tonight after they did not heed the order to disperse.

Among those held were Kota Damansara Assemblyman Dr Mohd Nasir Hashim, Klang Member of Parliament Charles Santiago and Jerit coordinator Arutchelvan Subramaniamrit, said Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Mohammad Sabtu Osman.

“They were arrested while gathering at the Dataran and taken to the Tun HS Lee police station for questioning,” he added.

The gathering was organised by Parti Sosialis Malaysia to protest the conflict in Gaza and Sri Lanka.

The group was seen marching from the compound of the Bar Council building to Dataran Merdeka at about 8pm and police moved in half an hour later after they refused to disperse.



Gosh! Do or don’t they want it?

Let’s assume, using any semblance of rational thinking, that the BN administration would support any initiative from ALL Malaysians to protest the ongoing carnage in Gaza.

In which case, why on Earth are the PDRM arresting people who are doing exactly that?

Was there a ‘super-duper secret’ directive from the Home ministry to discourage or curtail such activities if it’s done by members of the public who are perceived as anti-BN?

That any ‘Anti-Israel’ protest is the sole prerogative of the BN administration while all others are prohibited from showing their indignation towards wanton atrocities?

Or perhaps, the PDRM decided to take matters into their own hands since they also recognised the incompetence and ineptness of the AAB administration?

Yikes! That would be a real yowzer, wouldn’t it.

Imagine if you can – the officer-in-charge can then inform the powers-that-be:

Semua tanggung beres, Boss.

We didn’t want to bother you last night since we know you were tired from all that campaigning over at KT.

So we rounded up 21 protestors including a teenager because they didn’t have a police permit to assemble. Then you can use this case as ammunition to tembak the opposition at the next KT ceramah. Ya tak!

Apa!!!? Pakatan oso agree to support us to fight the zionists ah!

Alamak, kenapa tak cakap awal2 lagi.

So how, Boss? NFA ke?

I’ve often wondered about national reconciliation for the nation after GE12.

Looks like even a humanitarian crisis on the other side of the globe is to be considered another lost opportunity for the BN government to really connect with civil society.

Let’s not bother confronting madness elsewhere when it exist even at home. Coz another satu lagi projek BN was apparently kosher a day earlier in full view of the PDRM.