Vote BN or lose out, says Khairy

KUALA TERENGGANU: The people of Kuala Terengganu have been reminded that they do not have any representative in the Federal Govern­ment unlike before the death of MP Datuk Razali Ismail, who was also the Deputy Education Minister.

Umno Youth deputy head Khairy Jamaluddin said it would be a great loss for them not to vote in Barisan candidate Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh, the former Deputy Ho­­me Minister who relinquished his senatorship to contest in the Jan 17 by-election.

By not voting Wan Ahmad Farid in, he said, the people would not have any representative left in the Federal Government.

The party leadership had earlier guaranteed that Wan Ahmad Farid would be re-appointed a deputy minister should he win the by-election.

“Kuala Terengganu voters were lucky to have two deputy ministers – Allahyarham Razali and Wan (Ahmad) Farid – but if they reject Barisan now, they will lose everything.

“There will no longer be a deputy minister from this constituency,” he said in a ceramah in Kampung Ge­­lugor Raja at the PAS stronghold of Wakaf Mempelam on Friday night.

Khairy urged voters to appreciate Wan Ahmad Farid’s sacrifices by voting for him.

Barisan, he said, had never gone back on its words before, unlike PAS which had been proven as a “keluk kelek (flip flop) party”, especially when it came to implementing its promised hudud laws.

He told the crowd how PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa had clearly stated last month that the party would push for the implementation of Islamic laws if the opposition wrested control of the Federal Government, only to make an about-turn 48 hours later after being pressured by DAP.

In Kota Tinggi, Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said the Opposition was relying only on lies or rhetoric to confuse and divert the people’s attention as they know their chances of winning was not good.

“Don’t be confused by the empty promises made by PAS as they are not fighting for Islam but only for their brand of politics.

“PAS cannot implement hudud law as they are also co-operating with PKR and DAP, who oppose such a law,” he said.

Sourced from the Star (11/01/09)


Do you see what’s wrong with this?

For once, I’m not referring to the MSM spin but the essence of what KJ is saying on behalf of BN to the folks in KT.

Before the demise of the KT MP from BN, there were two BN deputy ministers at the federal level. When the KT MP died, there was one left i.e. WAF who was appointed as a senator in order to take up the deputy home minister portfolio.

Of course, with the KT parliamentary seat now vacant, what does BN do? They nominate WAF as their candidate who, in turn, have had to resign as a deputy minister as well as a senator. As one deputy minister went away by natural causes, his seat is now to be filled by the only other deputy minister from T’ganu, provided WAF wins, of course.

Ever heard of a bird in hand is worth two in a bush?

Well, I reckoned if T’ganu already have WAF as an existing deputy minister in Putrajaya, why did BN throw it away and try to grab it back in a by-election. They could have chosen another candidate for the by-election whilst still retaining WAF at the federal level with the possibility of maintaining the two deputy ministerial posts as representatives for the T’ganu folks.

If the idea is to maximise T’ganu’s political presence in Putrajaya, it logically means that two posts are infinitely better than one. As it is, BN had two, lost one through a vacancy, throw away another and now, are attempting to get back one. PAS had none from the outset but will stand to gain one more seat for PR.

Therefore, for KJ to say that KT will not be represented if BN loses at KT is like shooting oneself in the foot in the first place and then, telling the folks in KT “You did this to yourselves!”

I am flabbergasted with BN political strategies. Do they really have one that doesn’t look like a ‘batuk atas tangga’ move and more importantly, a candidate who is actually chosen to represent the rakyat?

Because, if WAF wins, he basically gets back his old job albeit with the MP credentials but the ‘Federal’ UMNO delivery system into T’ganu will be channeled through one less representation.

Hang on.. that means UMNO have one less mouth to feed. Yup, it makes sense now. UMNO’s voodoo politics, that is.