Schoolboys walk past this BN campaign signpost that is in the form of a sentry. But this silent sentinel at the junction of Kampung Kubang Ikan, Kuala Terengganu, will not be voting on Saturday. He’s made of cloth, wood and has a coconut for a head. The race for the KT seat will be close and candidates are stepping up campaigns, going door-to-door, canvassing for precious votes. – Picture by Choo Choy May/ via The Malaysian Insider – 13th January ’09.


Four more days to D-day, Saturday, 17th January ’09 when the KT parliamentary electorate will cast their votes to choose their MP.

I’m having a hard time (seriously lah) trying to find the words which will encapsulate this posting because of the image shown above. Yeah, right! You were probably laughing out loud at this howler put up by BN coz it truly epitomises their raison d’etre. Dumb and dumber, comes to mind and it ain’t Jim Carrey in the driver’s seat but …. never mind.

Anywayz, it reminded me of an exasperating statement made by my brother in law who voted in Rembau during GE12 where that young upstart from Oxford won, or apparently re-won after a recount when a substantial amount of postal votes were hurriedly transferred in from elsewhere (Bangsar?). SIL ooopz .. BIL said “Kalau BN letak batang pokok pisang sebagai calon, orang Nogori akan tetap hantar nya ke parliament!

Sooo… at the rate things are unfolding in KT, is BN that desperate as to rely on old visual props to remind the KT folks? And I hear that they’ve now resorted to dirty tricks as well as bringing in the heavy artillery from Putrajaya too.

Therefore, let’s just say that in KT, bread and butter issues are paramount to the folks there. No amount of dummy stuffing, whether of cloth, wood and coconuts, or perhaps, even of the ballot box type, will deter the will of the people.

Vote wisely, KT and more importantly, in doing so, you brook no more BN dumbness.

Updated: 2355Hr 13/01/09.

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