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Yer think I’m gonna do a part thirteen, didn’t yer? No sirree, why tempt fate when there’s so much at stake in this KT thingy. However, I might add, before temptation knocks, I’d open the door just to spite the devil.

Anywayz, I’ll be rambling on and on tonight with further updates later, depending on what I can get from the BRB team or glean from MSM (Ya lah, still got to read their stuff coz I’m part of the HartalMSM team).

First off the block.. err.. blog?.. is this news report about an attempt to ‘baksheesh’ journos with RM300 a pop per white envelope (dang! if it came with that ubiquitous blue BN logo plus the printed words “Wang Ehsan“, it would have been an open & shut case). Two Merdeka Review reporters made a police report, shown below, while others including 4 from Mkini returned the ‘unsolicited offer’ instantly. I guess the PDRM kept the RM600 as material evidence for further investigation ūüôā



Sight for sore eyes and I ain’t talking about the two blokes (both of whom I’m familiar with) flanking the ladiez. Haris has his breaking story here. Plus another ‘positive‘ turn as a result.

Sooo… what do you think is happening here? Are the journos being coerced to mis-report their news and/or deliberately ignore any electoral transgression tomorrow? Like the possibility of ‘phantom’ voters, ballot box stuffing or perhaps, physical intimidation by the 7000 plus MIBs?

The fact that these two journos stepped forward to report a possible felony bodes well for media integrity and transparency.

But the abrupt resignation of the state EC returning officer was not properly explained with NTR trying his best (duh!) to capitalise on the goof-up. (Go here if yer don’t have a Mkini subscription) . I reckon “kalau berani dan tidak takut dibuang kerja, silalah (undi Pembangkang)” was probably recorded on camera-phone hence the bloke had no alternative but to quit less than 48 hours before polling day. So much for neutrality of the EC, eh folks.

Full Nutgraph report here.


Update (one) 0230HR 17/01/09

2 peluang untuk pengundi hantu dikesan

2 pengundi mati telah dikesan dalam daftar baru SPR -jadi ini membuka peluang kepada pengundi hantu di pusat mengundi yang berkenaan! Ini adalah hasil kajian pengkaji MAFREL Ustaz Muhamad Lokman pada hari ini. Butir-butir pengundi-pengundi tersebut adalah seperti berikut:

1. Aminah Bt Mohd, 463 Kg Tanjung Kapur (Dun: Ladang)

Lahir 1909;   IC lama: 0459902    Mycard: 091029115378

2. Mohd Tahir Bin Sutan, 457 Kg Tanjung Kapur(Dun: Ladang)

Lahir: 1903  IC lama: 1287882; Mycard: 030527615149

Anak cucu dan jiran-jiran kedua-dua pengundi ini mengesahkan  mereka telah mati berpuluh tahun lalu. Mereka diperuntukan SPR mengundi di Sekolah Kebangsaan Ladang, Saluran 1.

Anehnya: macam mana pengundi-pengundi ini yang mati berpuluh-puluh tahun ini mendapat nombor Mykad yang hanya wujud dalam 5 tahun kebelakangan ini?

Ong BK

Sourced from MAFREL.


Update (two) 0300HR 17/01/09

RPK sez –

A voter goes into the polling station to collect his/her ballot paper. He/she then puts it in his/her pocket. He/she drops a dummy ballot paper into the ballot box. He/she comes out and ‚Äėsells‚Äô the ballot paper to an Umno goon waiting outside. He/she goes home RM1,000 the richer.

The blank ballot paper is marked Barisan Nasional. It is then given to the next voter. He/she collects his/her ballot paper and puts it in his/her pocket. He/she drops the already marked ballot paper into the ballot box. He/she comes out and hands over the blank ballot paper to the Umno goon waiting outside in exchange for RM1,000.

The process is repeated thousands of times all over Kuala Terengganu at the 38 polling stations.

Another method would be: the voter goes into the polling station with his/her hand phone. He/she marks the ballot paper in the Barisan Nasional box and photographs it with his/her hand phone. He/she then drops the ballot paper into the ballot box. He/she comes out and shows the photo in the hand phone to an Umno goon and receives RM1,000.

Read the rest here.




WORKING SIDE BY SIDE… Two canvassers, one from Pas and the other Puteri Umno using their wiles and charms to convince voters on their way to cast their ballots their parties are the better option. The fact that they are canvassing side by side reflected the smooth going of the KT by-election – NST Pix by Mohd Radzi Bujang

Malaysiakini – PAS to win by 7000 votes, according to Ong Kian Ming.

The People’s Parliament – Ground Zero report

Zorro’s Blue Blitz – The Special Bunch report




Pertinent time-lined extracts which I feel needs further scrutiny:

12:43pm Worried that their ballot papers would be accidentaly spoilt after they were folded by EC officials, voters in SK Bukit Losong polling station made a report to EC and the officials were later instructed not to do so.

Earlier, Malaysian for free and fair election (Mafrel) reported that Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and some BN supporters entered the polling station even though they have no right to do so. This resulted in a protest by some PAS supporters.

4.45pm: PAS candidate’s agent Wan Sukairi Wan Abdullah claimed that he received reports regarding BN trying to “sneak in phantom voters in the final hour” of the polling day.

“It is quite strange, because starting at 2pm today, the voters’ streams are getting slower and at some parts, there were no queues at all.

“But FRU started to line up in front of school’s gates. What are their motives? In the morning, when the turnout was high, there was not a single FRU personnel in sight!” he said.


Alrighty, folks. I’m done. Please don’t forget about tomorrow’s PJ candlelight vigil at 8pm at the usual place. Do you reckon a larger crowd will turn up? I think so too.