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A. Kugan is dead and he died in a police station, a not unlikely place to die nowadays it appears.

In fact, Mkini reported that there were 1535 deaths during police custody by the PDRM between 2003 and 2007.

Barely two weeks earlier, in another case of criminal abuse where hot water was used on a suspect was brought to court, the police personnel pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The IPCMC mooted a couple of years back to address civil society’s concerns on infractions committed by the police never saw the light of day, and instead, will be presented in parliament by AAB in its watered down version called the Special Complaints Commission (SCC).

The AG announced that Kugan’s death is now classified as murder but the Selangor CPO have declared that the onus of getting a 2nd autopsy must have a court approval.

In other words, KAB will only cooperate if the Judiciary gives its blessings.

It can also mean KAB is sticking to the findings of the 1st autopsy i.e. Kugan died due to water in his lungs. Why was there no mention of the numerous visible external injuries as shown on photos taken by his family? And was there any ‘internal’ inquiry by the PDRM into the interrogation methods used to extract information from the suspect? Both are relevant questions which members of the MSM, print or electronic, appear not to have asked the CPO.

Can the findings of an authorised government medical officer in the 1st autopsy be the final arbiter on the conclusive cause of death? Is not a second evaluation justified under the circumstances?

If so, why is KAB, being a senior police officer who apparently is in line to be the next IGP, showing conduct unbecoming of his duty to uphold the law which, in turn, provide remedy to justice.

In withholding voluntary compliance to a 2nd autopsy, KAB and the PDRM are in fact impeding an investigation into a murder case, as advocated by the AG.

It calls into question the CPC used by the PDRM whereby antiquated legislative hindrances are placed as the upper hand, rather than a conduit for justice to quickly prevail.


Meanwhile, will we ever know the truth on this matter and ultimately, whether AGEOs are capable of murder, unintended or otherwise.


Note: AGEO – Authorised Government Enforcement Officer. Of relevance to the IGP’s usage of ‘authorised government medical officer’ as reported in the NST bulletin linked above.

Archived literature – A very long article on police brutality and abuse on civilians.


To Jerry – If there is an iron-clad case for Kugan’s death leading to a successful conviction of the perpetrator, then we can rightly call the culprit, a MIB i.e. a M******* In Blue.