Today is 1st February 2009.

Malaysia is 51 or 46 years young, depending on which side of the South China Sea (Dang! Why can’t it be the Mid-Malaysia Sea?) you are residing or which historical fact you wish to believe in.

The GE12 of 8th March 2008 has come to pass as well as two other civil society referendums called by-elections in which Malaysians exercised their sovereign right to choose their political representatives in their respective States and lawmakers in Parliament.

The rest, as they say, is history.

For lack of a better word, history reminds oneself of a variety of things including records of events as it happened, what was said and/or written by an eminent or obscure person and to a lesser extent, a glimpse of the collective effort in the evolution of a given society.

At this juncture of our nation’s history (Yeah, right! It’s that word again, folks), where do we stand individually or as Malaysians?

Well, consider the following headlines (and mind you, these are just the recent ones) :

1) Perak BN Assemblymen To Receive Development Fund Soon – Zahid (via Bernama). Hehehe! Forget about the nation’s economic stimulus proposed by the Finance minister, NTR. His new deputy in Perak has the clout to throw our money away but only through their channels, of course.

2) Several Perak Pakatan reps will cross over to BN soon, says PM Abdullah (via NST). Wahlauweh! UMNO is prepared to accept individuals suspected of corrupt practices to pad up their Perak frontline ah? Oooopz.. I forgot that there’s a possibility that the two personalities were set up by UMNO in the first place. Including the ‘chinese’ dish on the menu, of course.

3) No action against Ahmad Ismail (via TMI). Soooo… Sedition Act only applicable to RPK ah? Maybe they are running out of credible judges coz RPK asked for seven but got three. Just imagine if this AI from UMNO was to be charged. The Bench would shrug their shoulders and say “How lah!!!!”.

4) Umno members protest MACC, disciplinary board actions (via the Star). Geeez, ISA protestors get candled.. errr.. manhandled left, right and centre but umno-sians get to thumb their noses at AAB’s MACC.

5) Decision on new LCCT in in Labu in three weeks’ time (via Bernama). Ehhh? MCA’s OTK still got job meh?

6) Samy Velu calls for MIC-IPF merger (via TMI). SV, SV, SV….. Yer still don’t get it, do you. Not unless you have 3 million plus members lah.

7) Muhyiddin: Don’t underestimate 3 million strong Umno (via TMI). When everything else fails, a show of ‘force’ is essential. Plus lotsa palm greasing, I guess.

Sooo… tell me folks, who needs BN when UMNO is in charge.

Meanwhile, be a part of history in the making, rather than a footnote which nobody reads by tomorrow.