Nizar gets ‘royal nod’ for by-elections, no need to dissolve assembly (via TMI).

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 2 — The most talked about meeting in Malaysia today took all of 10 minutes.

Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Nizar Jamaluddin showed the Sultan of Perak undated letters from two PKR executive councillors Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu stating that they had resigned from their Behrang and Changkat Jering seats respectively.

Pas officials told The Malaysian Insider that Nizar left the meeting with the impression that based on the resignation letters calling by-elections would be the most palatable outcome to this political stalemate.

They added that there was no discussion between the MB and the Sultan about dissolving the state assembly.

“It was a very short meeting and the MB only wanted the Sultan to have sight of the two letters especially since there is so much disinformation now and seek his counsel,” a Pas official told The Malaysian Insider.

Sultan Azlan Shah was the country’s top judge and one of the region’s most respected legal voices.

Meanwhile, the Umno leadership is confident that Jamaluddin and Mohd Osman will cross the political divide at the right time, despite public statements by the duo today that they intended to remain in PKR.

But the duo’s first move will be to challenge in court the validity of the undated letters of resignation. They will argue that they signed the letters under duress and their lawyers will also rely on legal precedents to push the point that undated letters were against the principle of freedom of association guaranteed under the Federal Constitution.

The Supreme Court in 1992 decided that this freedom includes the right to dissociate.

Therefore lawyers for the two PKR men will argue that the use of undated resignation letters should not be entertained as it disallows a person to associate or disassociate with an organisation.


Gawd! Here we go again. And its now two simultaneous by-elections.

Will the BRB have enough soldiers to handle two front-lines at one go? I bet RPK, Haris, Bernard and the Blue Blitz are already salivating at the prospects of ‘refining’ their strategies with or without help from Pakatan Rakyat folks but for certain, civil society are up in arms.. ahem.. with handfuls of cold hard cash too.

Kudos to the Perak MB in displaying ‘testicular fortitude’ to confront a political crisis by taking two bullshitters by their horns, even if its their own flock, and dumping them into oblivion. Dereliction of duty to their constituents, and state, should be taken into account if you consider the inordinate amount of time they have spent at undisclosed locations in Pahang, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, for whatever reasons. If the idea of serving their respective constituencies from afar is via ‘remote control’, why aren’t they reachable by cellphones even by their own families?

The swearing in ceremony to form the state government and pledging of allegiance to the Sultan after GE12 was a pre-requisite to proceed with the next order of the day i.e. to serve Perakians and provide good governance. But within months of their investiture, they get themselves embroiled with corruption charges, which although it could arguably be said was a sting operation, can only be ascertained in court on 10th February’09 onwards.

Therefore, the PR administration, by declaring the two state assembly seats as vacant, have gone forward with the pro-active stance of cutting their losses by seeking a fresh mandate in keeping with true democracy. And the fact that the Perak MB have had an audience with the Sultan without the presence of AI is a clear indication of PR’s fledgling stewardship gaining maturity.

Equally pertinent, the two former exco members and their respective legal counsels can argue the finer points of ‘freedom of association’ which, although justified for the specific purpose of judicial review, does not address the well-being and rights of the voters of Behrang and Changkat Jering in the immediate future. As it is, we have had enough of ‘rule by law’ proponents using laws of the nation to subjugate, rather than serve, the masses.

Meanwhile, watch out for the academic counter-spin such as this. The blog versions won’t be far behind.


NTR – Whaddaya mean we don’t have an undated resignation letter for Bota?

AZH – We dun hap, boss. Really, I check oredi 10 kali. That Bota fler actually one of our ‘good’ guyz. But I let loose your stimulus funds so maybe he come back wan.

AAB – Huh??? I thot a few PR orang coming over. Why nobody tell me anything lah!

SHA – Aiyah, JMR and MOM went for siar-siar in Pekan lah.

OTK – Boss, Labu how?

SV  – Lemmesee… if I can online register all indians into MIC-IPF coalition, I get two million plus members only lah. UMNO got three million. Boss, can borrow some mamaks kah?

And the BN circus rolls on and on, and on…..