Real Story of Elizabeth Wong’s Nude Pic Scandal
written by Killer, February 18, 2009
Ok folks. This is the inside story of Elizabeth Wong’s scandal.

The boy friend’s name is Hilmi Malek, a married Malay Muslim gent. He was a PA to PJ Selatan MP Hee Loy Sian and a key member of PKR’s Pandan Division. He supposed to be from a rich family.

Elizabeth has a succession of boy friends. Once she was caught while having sex with Tian Chua by the latter’s girl friend who dumped him after that. There are numerous stories of Elizabeth and Tian Chua’s sexual relationship and they were again caught by PKR people at a Taipei hotel during that infamous “frog-hunting” trip to Taiwan when the PR delegation went after BN MPs on an “agricultural mission”.

Elizabeth became closer to Hilmi and they had become close in the run up to the 12 GE. However their relationship were strained by Elizabeth’s “extra-curricular” activities. They were supposed to have broken off after his marriage but it continued. The matter finally came to head about 2 mths ago when Hilmi discovered nudes pics of Eli and her Mat Salleh boy friend. He became furious and they broke off. However the pics that he had come to the knowledge among PKR circles as the ex-lovers had a major clash.

So the factions in PKR eyeing exco seat and the business interests angered by Elizabeth due to her steadfast opposition to hill-slope development and environmental issues found a common ground to kill of her political career. As such, the pics and video clips were obtained by these unscrupulous people and used to discredit her. That’s why these people approached MM instead of blackmailing her.

It is highly misleading of Eli to claim these pics were taken without her knowledge or the work of BN. She better own up otherwise this thing going to be very ugly.

Who’s ‘Killer’? Should we not be curious about this person’s identity and the above-mentioned comment made at The Malaysian Insider’s article “Police to question Wong’s ex-boyfriend“.

Let’s go even further on this matter –

a) Why was the Malay Mail and the Sun ‘given’ the photo scoop, and not the major MSM prints like the NST, Star, Utusan, etc?

b) Was Hilmi so naive as to not realise that these photos will incriminate himself if Jakim decides that he can be charged for khalwat?

Almost everything written by ‘Killer’ points towards discrediting PKR and their members for various unsubstantiated allegations with the last paragraph added to indemnify BN (perhaps, its only UMNO?) against any involvement.

The following is the Home minister’s statement taken from the Sun which highlighted various opinions from several politicians

Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar:
It is important that proper vetting should be done when choosing the candidate for state and parliament representatives. If you just simply recruit people, you will have all these problems.
I do not (know) if she is the one who responsible for the photos as she has admitted that she is the person in the photos, but she is entitled to make a police report and the police will investigate.
You may take naked photos at your home, but you must make sure that the public do not get to it.

There’s an element of subterfuge as to how this incident is unraveling and I believe it was planned much earlier by other personalities outside PKR or Pakatan Rakyat.

If the photos were divulged to the NST, Star and/or Utusan, the obvious conclusion in every rational person’s mind would indicate an UMNO/BN conspiracy.

Therefore, the relatively minor MSMs were made the conduit for this expose. The Malay Mail is rumored to be in financial doldrums due to low circulation and might be taken over by Media Prima while the Sun‘s owner was implicated with another salacious story. Hence, both have their backdoor links to UMNO.

Furthermore, if Hilmi is equally blameless i.e. it was not him who ‘delivered’ the photos to the media, he’d be having a hard time proving his innocence due to the ‘spurn lover’ theory.

Already, there are ‘new’ blogs spinning the same MSM message with some, barely a month old. Coincidentally, we can thank the Malay Mail‘s Cyberspot for their promotion of anonymous bloggers like Demi Negara.

And yes, folks, the ‘ketuanan melayu’ brotherhood is alive and kicking around in the Malaysian cyberspace.