Youth Must Condemn Violence, Says Najib

Kuala Lumpur, 26 February (Bernama) – Deputy Prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today called on the youth to condemn violence and any fragmentation of humankind.

He said the youth should have the capacity to realise the futility and destructiveness of terrorism despite the difficult political circumstances or personal traumas that they faced.

At the same time, the younger generation should integrate with a multicultural society to respect religious diversity and believe in democracy and dialogue.

“One thing we all know and agree is that no religion or culture advocates violence to another. Let me also make it clear that no cause or political antecedent can justify acts of terrorism.

“Terrorism and violence cannot be justified under any circumstances,” he said in his opening speech at the International Conference on Youth and Terrorism here.

His speech was delivered by Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.

Present were Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek, his deputy Datuk Tan Lian Hoe and deputy Youth and Sports minister Wee Jeck Seng.

Najib said it was also important for the youth to address the misconceptions and prejudices which arise in the discourse of terrorism, apart from finding the roots to the scourge.

There was also a need to analyse factors why young men and women were easily brainwashed into becoming sacrificial lambs and becoming suicide bombers.

“We are urged on a daily basis by mass media which associate terrorism with religious fundamentalism. It creates a perception that religion promotes terrorists and suicide bombers.

“Our own acquaintances further create a picture where we only see our sorrow and despair, and are not able to see beyond it, what exactly is the root cause of terror,” he added.

Najib suggested that to make the world a better place, the youth must be guided by their conscience, where things which are immoral, regardless of the cause, must never be justified.

“Secondly, in the pursuit of knowledge, never forget wisdom. In this information age, the stress on acquiring knowledge has been emphasised and rightly so. Nevertheless, knowledge without wisdom is like a powerful car without the capacity to steer,” he said.

He said it was important for the youth to develop empathy and have an open mind in addressing terrorism, and to strive for unity in the multi-cultural society.

“Finally, we need courage. Let us not fool ourselves, most of the world would vehemently oppose those that try to live by such principles. Under such circumstances, living by the above would only be possible if we have both fortitude and resourcefulness,” he added.

The two-day conference was attended by 224 participants from 24 countries.



Snif snif.. wish I can believe this bloke coz about a week earlier, somebody sent two bullets ..


through the mail to the Singh (is) King, KS, who then went ballistic in parliament by uttering a politically non-lexiconic word (don’t look at me, folks. Go ask NST’s Yeh-Yeh) in that August Chamber of Power up the hill.

KS .. err.. aimed at no one in particular within the UMNO youth organisation but hey, that’s the privilege of legal immunity from prosecution one gets as an MP.

Nevertheless, mob persecution came quickly when two tens plus two more dimwits from UMNO youth turned up unmolested (by the PDRM) on parliament grounds ..


probably, to show KS their finger .. and a couple of hyped up ‘silat’ moves, I reckon while the ‘parliamentary’ security personnel .. yup, them PDRM blokes again .. looked on from a safe distance, for a while. They know these Mat Rempit types are somehow ‘protected’ by umno-nised tefloned suits.

Anywayz, able-bodied help from the DAP G-Man posse with one volunteer from PKR were able to rescue their wheelchairperson and wheel .. whisk him off to the relative safety (huh?) of the inner sanctum (that’s inside the parliament building lah, yer clods).

Ahhh… just another ordinary day of New Politics in Metropolitan Kuala Lumpur.

And I bet none of these blokes care a damn about what the PM-in-waiting wrote.

Btw didya hear about the story of unseen speech writers and speakers, including Kings and Prime Ministers, who do not know what they are saying .. well .. go read this.

Hmmm .. where’s that Claymore I wanna ‘PosLaju’ to that Reverted Warrior idiot.

Footnote: Pix pinched from Mkini and edited w/out permission. Don’t sue me, puhlleeezzz.