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The other phrase mentioned by the real MB from PR which I found significant under the current crcumstances was a ‘doctrine of necessity‘ to counter the web of deceit and strong-arm tactics unfolding through the hands of the UMNO-led BN in this fiasco of injustices occurring in the Silver state of Perak.

Anywayz, please click on the photo above to read what RPK wrote and of relevance, I have excerpted below a section of the same article –

More than 1,000 reports have been made alleging corruption by the many contestants in the UMNO party elections. That is more reports than number of candidates. The UMNO veterans want the party to delay the Assembly until after all the cases have been investigated. What happens if someone (or many) wins the party elections and later is found guilty of corruption (money politics)? They would have to resign and this would be embarrassing for UMNO.

Imagine the entire UMNO Supreme Council and its three Vice-Presidents who win at the end of this month are found guilty of corruption. The entire leadership would need to resign or get sacked. UMNO would be put to shame, not to mention the bother of holding the party elections all over again.

I said this before and I will say it again. 24 hours is a long time in politics. Governments can fall in a mere 24 hours. What more 24 days? Najib may yet not become Prime Minister come end of this month. Sure, he may make Deputy President of UMNO. But that does not mean he will also become Prime Minister. How he handles Perak the next 24 hours and what results from the emergency meeting by the UMNO veterans this afternoon and the injunction that may follow it would have a bearing on Najib’s chances of becoming Prime Minister.

Confused? Don’t be. The enemy of my enemy is my ally as the old saying goes with another front opening up within UMNO itself. Whether UMNO implodes with its burgeoning shortcomings or resurrects itself for a better future, everyone of us is looking at history being made within the roots of pokok demokrasi.

And who knows if Perakians will get their voices heard again through the ballot box even if their Sultan is ‘regally silent’.

Shades of Pangkor 1874 yer might say.

Popcorn, anyone?

Update: 2230HR 03/03/09.

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