Will there be a by-election?

About 15,000 voters in this constituent will await a decision to be made by BN although who is helming the federal administration is subject to conjecture. Even the EC wants a piece of the action.

Yes, No, Maybe, Perhaps, Wait First, Whatever lah.

There’s probably three different scenarios:

A) BN have a candidate and we’ll go through the usual routine of 10-14 days of ceramahs and what nots.

B) BN opts out but an independent goes into the fray.

C) PR wins by default i.e. no opposing candidate on nomination day.

For B), what should PR do during the campaigning period in order not to appear over-confident and incur the wrath of voters if some party supporters happen to adopt a jaguh kampung mentality?

I’d suggest that they organise a full itinerary of gotong royong initiatives, including areas that are seemingly pro-BN, in which case, some effort on budi bicara be applied to ensure full cooperation from all the participants. Do it for the sake of national reconciliation. A little sweat with lots of elbow grease thrown in may provide the right impetus for goodwill to emerge. That means even the PR’s pembesars will have to chip in. It would be fun if the local elderly folks get to supervise because the photo ops would be priceless.

As for C), well, go figure out what’s best. I’m not paid to do your bidding nor thinking, PR. And I certainly don’t need to be sponsored nor inspired to blog on what’s right or wrong.

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