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Hint: He’s the idiot with the ‘black’ goatee on the right of the former… ahem.. PM.

The other one with the ‘white shrub’ is the NPC president, I reckon.

Hehehe! Soooo… what was TDM thinking anyway. Remember this unforgettable pix?


Anywayz, folks, you should read this.

Voter turnout – 46% 46.15% or just under over 7000 which apparently is an historic low.

Another Malaysian achievement to be NOT proud of.

Mafrel pix Pix from Mafrel website.

Update: 1900HR 31/05/09.

Excerpt from Mkini:

6.45pm: Mansor now has 3,431 votes. Nai Khan has overtaken Aminah by polling 243, with the latter garnering 223. Kamarul is at 24 votes.

Mansor’s majority is now 3,188 votes.

Update: 2015HR 31/05/09.

Excerpt from TMI:

Dr. Mansor Othman is the new state representative of Penanti and Deputy Chief Minister (DCM) of Penang after winning today’s by-election, garnering a whopping 6,052 out of the total 7,100 votes. Full report here.


Lemmesee.. MFK won in 2008 with 7346 votes therefore MO’s 6052 votes is about 82% despite the BN perceived voter lethargy for by-elections. Hmmm.. does this mean BN gonna get ‘whupped’ in Manek Urai?

The much awaited PricewaterhouseCoopers audit report is finally out.

You can get hold of a copy from here (minus the appendices) but you need to log on with details of your ‘real’ name, IC and e-mail address. Don’t be a smart aleck and attempt to use names like Lee Kuan Yew, si-KijangMas, or Rocky Bru for that matter. That’s not kosher.

The entire report is 51 pages, so I’d recommend a hot pot of coffee (Dang! Didn’t help me one bit last night while watching THE GAME!) or whatever ‘soft’ beverage you prefer, to sift through the damning disclosure. Chilled brews and/or alcoholic concoctions are not advisable as it may result with a smashed LCD monitor mid-way through your reading displeasure.

Meanwhile, here’s a Mkini graphic to get you in the mood.


Good luck with your mission, folks and let’s see whether we can ferret out the piggies in this fiasco.

Update: 1930HR 29/05/09

KDSB not happy with PwC report. And mulling defense which will probably tie up the case in our courts which are populated mostly by extraordinary judges making extraordinary decisions. Add the MACC‘s lethargic investigative methodology whenever BN personalities are involved to the equation and who knows, Malaysia may set a record in breaching the statute of limitations on such matters.

Soooo.. does NTR have the moral gumption to make the right moves for his own political survival during GE13? A cold day in hell, it will be.

Reality can bite deep in a person’s psyche (read: soul), especially with deaths.

NTR may play his political games in the reverse takeover of the Perak state assembly or for Penanti, not wanting to fiddle with the opposition.

But as what happened in Bukit Gantang, it’s surreally repeated in Manek Urai.

On both occassions, just after NTR made an announcement, within days, something beyond his control crops up.

Death stalks all of us in one way or the other, I guess.

BN won’t fight for Penanti (sourced from TMI)

KUALA LUMPUR, May 18 — The Barisan Nasional (BN) supreme council announced today that the party will not contest the Penanti state assembly seat in Penang, with Datuk Seri Najib Razak insisting it was a political ploy by Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

The decision today came despite some pressure from former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his backers not to give PR and Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim a free ride.

The Penanti by-election was called following the resignation of incumbent assemblyman Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin, who had also quit as Penang deputy chief minister amid graft allegations he was later cleared of.

The nomination day is on May 23 while polling is on May 31.

Justifying BN’s decision to stay out, Najib said the by-election was not caused by “provisions within the constitution.”

“It is only a way for PKR to solve its internal problems,” he said.

BN prioritises service to the people and efforts to boost the economy. We will not dance to other people’s tune,” the prime minister insisted.

Many see the Penanti polls as a sure win for PR and BN’s reluctance to contest will fuel the perception that it wanted to avoid yet another electoral defeat in Peninsular Malaysia where it has lost all four by-elections since the 12th general elections in March 2008.

But Najib insisted that there was no reason for BN supporters to be disheartened as this was not the first time BN had not contested an election and that “there has been no such games being played like this until now.”

In an immediate reaction, PKR vice-president Azmin Ali accused BN of looking for excuses not to contest any elections at this point as it was afraid to face the people.

“They are trying to find a way out with any flimsy excuse. In actual fact, the people have lost confidence in BN and that is why BN does not have the courage to contest in Penanti nor in Perak,” he told The Malaysian Insider, referring to Umno’s reluctance to agree that a fresh election is the best way to solve the political impasse in Perak.

DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang simply said that he was “not surprised” when contacted by The Malaysian Insider.

He added that he would also be expecting BN to field a “phantom candidate” to run as an independent in Penanti.


Dang! So BN ain’t showing up. It would seem that their plans A, B, C and D didn’t go according to errrr.. plan.

So what was their plan exactly?

Well, folks, here’s my theory –

When Penanti’s MFK was outed by his own in January ’09, UMNO BARU smelt blood up north after spilling some in Perak.

UMNO BARU’s extended state apparatus, the MACC, moved in rather quickly to open an investigation (whilst twiddling their thumbs with other personalities in Selangor and Malacca, for instance). With UMNO BARU’s expertise on sniffing out corruption plus their unique ability in handling such cases by utilising state institutions, they can decide later whether to ‘frog-fry’ MFK or cut the umbilical cord and claim innocence with ‘NFA’.

NTR’s early response to the MACC’s decision not to charge MFK i.e. foregoing a contest in Penanti, was a sign of ‘ooopz, lets not go this way’.

But he forgot about TDM’s differing views. Hence, the protracted exercise of referring the matter with the various UMNO committees and BN councils to seemingly appease the elder statesman.

More importantly, NTR chose to ignore the sovereign right of every Malaysian citizen to exercise their right to vote as and when a vacancy exist, a fact ironically endorsed by the EC.

Therefore, if we’re to consider NTR’s legitimacy to the UMNO BARU presidency whereby there was no election exercise for its own members, “People First, Performance Now” assumes a hollow facade.

NTR’s fear factor in losing elections which will erode more confidence from the general citizenry, will loom larger in Perak, with every ‘executive decision’ made by him.

Sorry Penantians, UMNO BARU do not need nor care about you.


Sigh! I was so looking forward to Penanti coz Eva promised to pick me up on her Harley in case the BRB gang decide to make me walk again.

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