The much awaited PricewaterhouseCoopers audit report is finally out.

You can get hold of a copy from here (minus the appendices) but you need to log on with details of your ‘real’ name, IC and e-mail address. Don’t be a smart aleck and attempt to use names like Lee Kuan Yew, si-KijangMas, or Rocky Bru for that matter. That’s not kosher.

The entire report is 51 pages, so I’d recommend a hot pot of coffee (Dang! Didn’t help me one bit last night while watching THE GAME!) or whatever ‘soft’ beverage you prefer, to sift through the damning disclosure. Chilled brews and/or alcoholic concoctions are not advisable as it may result with a smashed LCD monitor mid-way through your reading displeasure.

Meanwhile, here’s a Mkini graphic to get you in the mood.


Good luck with your mission, folks and let’s see whether we can ferret out the piggies in this fiasco.

Update: 1930HR 29/05/09

KDSB not happy with PwC report. And mulling defense which will probably tie up the case in our courts which are populated mostly by extraordinary judges making extraordinary decisions. Add the MACC‘s lethargic investigative methodology whenever BN personalities are involved to the equation and who knows, Malaysia may set a record in breaching the statute of limitations on such matters.

Soooo.. does NTR have the moral gumption to make the right moves for his own political survival during GE13? A cold day in hell, it will be.