Voter turnout – 46% 46.15% or just under over 7000 which apparently is an historic low.

Another Malaysian achievement to be NOT proud of.

Mafrel pix Pix from Mafrel website.

Update: 1900HR 31/05/09.

Excerpt from Mkini:

6.45pm: Mansor now has 3,431 votes. Nai Khan has overtaken Aminah by polling 243, with the latter garnering 223. Kamarul is at 24 votes.

Mansor’s majority is now 3,188 votes.

Update: 2015HR 31/05/09.

Excerpt from TMI:

Dr. Mansor Othman is the new state representative of Penanti and Deputy Chief Minister (DCM) of Penang after winning today’s by-election, garnering a whopping 6,052 out of the total 7,100 votes. Full report here.


Lemmesee.. MFK won in 2008 with 7346 votes therefore MO’s 6052 votes is about 82% despite the BN perceived voter lethargy for by-elections. Hmmm.. does this mean BN gonna get ‘whupped’ in Manek Urai?