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Fancy a cup of tea?

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid

KUALA LUMPUR, June 4 — We were busy transcribing our notes and writing our stories on the PAS 50th Youth muktamar (general assembly) while fielding phone calls from our respective editors when two PAS workers came by to individually serve us cups of warm tea and sweets.

The keyword here is “served”.

Ask any journalist who’s covered the general assemblies of other parties, and they’ll tell you that this is not usual.

And this says a lot about PAS, the Islamist party often unfairly stereotyped as having members who are hardcore, extreme frigid conservatives who want nothing but the implementation of hudud laws.

Such prejudices have often led people to associate PAS with the Afghanistan-based Islamic fundamentalist terrorist group, the Taliban.

Of course, the stereotype is often played up by the mainstream media. “This is not to deny that there are some conservative elements in the party but it would be unfair to label all of them the same. They have some quality leaders.

“They are definitely more helpful than Umno. Just tell them you want to see this leader for a short interview and they would call him up for you,” said a reporter from a Chinese-language daily covering the muktamar.

So it goes beyond a cup of tea or sweets but this human touch certainly helped to open many eyes today.

Enough said.

Source – TMI.

Remember what happened in Ipoh on 7th May 2009?

It was on that same day, a legitimate Assembly Speaker was unceremoniously dragged out of the Dewan like a sack of potatoes.

It was also a day when the ‘uniformed’ might of the BN was laid bare for all Malaysians to witness.

And it was the day when my two friends, Helen and Bernard, were arrested.

Firstly, let’s have the ‘nice’ photos.


Yup, just one will do, I reckon. According to Rocky, the Regent had some terse words with Nizar but later, the real MB was allowed to escort the royal person into an elevator whereby, without the presence of the ‘court-appointed’ MB, a more conducive environment may have allowed both of them to have a much more cordial chat. We’ll never know if they both ‘kissed and made up’ in that elevator, eh folks.

Anywayz, let’s begin:


Some ‘blacks’ with the ‘whites’ at the PR Central abode.


More ‘blacks’ milling around at the same location.


At a bridge too far, errrmm.. ok, maybe not too far from the State Secretariat building where there was a serious discussion about ‘floating like a butterfly ala Muhammad Ali’ if and when we get beaten up by the cops. Bernard must be thinking “&#<e-!!o))**” or words to that effect.


Nat immediately paused, posed and perked up with a smile.


Hehehe! These two have no inkling yet on what’s to transpire later beyond the jungle path.


Ground Zero. About 150 metres from the entrance of the State Secretariat building. Hey, wait a minute. Didn’t the authorities say that they had a court sanctioned order for a 500 metre perimeter within which no public gathering was allowed? If so, why was the PDRM ‘barb wire’ barricade placed at the wrong distance? Do you smell ENTRAPMENT, folks?


The bloke who ‘barked’ …


and ‘bull-horned’ the order to disperse. I guess he didn’t check the ‘150 metre’ distance too.


Trust us. We tried telling him of his folly.


That’s NOT a ‘Wanted Poster’, folks.


Serial arrestee (sic)???? Yah lah, the PDRM sometimes target ‘soft’ victims mah.


Cool dude.


Same cool dude. Smiling version.


Rush hour lunch break by the MIBs.


What MIBs do after they’re done with lunch.


What other MIBs do to ‘protect’ the incriminating evidence.


And Bernard got nabbed coz he wanted to ‘squeal’ on the ‘litterbuggers’.

Meanwhile and elsewhere .. somewhere near the Pokok Demokrasi vicinity,





And he just wanted to go for his usual morning stroll with his trusty cane in hand just in case there are ‘vicious dogs’ on his daily route. Poor guy.


MP from Sungai Siput, Dr M. Jeyakumar Devaraj, getting detained which led to ..


Helen getting curious since she knew the good doctor and she just hadda go over.. right into the arms of the Law.

Yer should have stayed in the kopitiam lah.


Helen and Bernard, plus 60+ others, will be in court in Ipoh tomorrow morning to know their fate. That’s why I’ve titled this posting as ‘C-Day’ as in COURT DAY.

Whaddaya think I meant by ‘C’ huh?

Hang on.. there’s this other ‘C’ word being sensationalised by Utusan. Ahhh yes .. COMMUNIST. Let’s hope this word doesn’t pop up in court. But I’m curious, folks. What would you do if one of your relative was one. Better still, why don’t you read this instead.

*Image attribution are ‘photomarked’ as shown above or contributed by the Barisan Rakyat Bloggers AV team of MDN.


Update: 1230Hr 05/06/09.

More photos and a video here, here and here. And of course, more crap from the PDRM.

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