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Fancy a cup of tea?

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid

KUALA LUMPUR, June 4 — We were busy transcribing our notes and writing our stories on the PAS 50th Youth muktamar (general assembly) while fielding phone calls from our respective editors when two PAS workers came by to individually serve us cups of warm tea and sweets.

The keyword here is “served”.

Ask any journalist who’s covered the general assemblies of other parties, and they’ll tell you that this is not usual.

And this says a lot about PAS, the Islamist party often unfairly stereotyped as having members who are hardcore, extreme frigid conservatives who want nothing but the implementation of hudud laws.

Such prejudices have often led people to associate PAS with the Afghanistan-based Islamic fundamentalist terrorist group, the Taliban.

Of course, the stereotype is often played up by the mainstream media. “This is not to deny that there are some conservative elements in the party but it would be unfair to label all of them the same. They have some quality leaders.

“They are definitely more helpful than Umno. Just tell them you want to see this leader for a short interview and they would call him up for you,” said a reporter from a Chinese-language daily covering the muktamar.

So it goes beyond a cup of tea or sweets but this human touch certainly helped to open many eyes today.

Enough said.

Source – TMI.