Would you believe I met this bloke ..


and pop the question later when he insisted on taking the tab, “Are you paying with your money or the public’s?” and he replied, “Ask me this question on your blog and I’ll respond“.

So there (or should it read, So dare).

Pompous. Arrogant. Quite insufferable‘.

Hey these are his words, not mine ok. And LKS was describing OTK for the minister’s rejoinder.

Anywayz, to cut a long story short, I was on the cellphone with the Ancient Mariner and he mentioned that LKS wanted to meet up to talk on PKFZ. I wangled an invite, got lost ‘walking around’ in Sri Hartamas (coz AM gave me wrong directions) and arrived about an hour hour late. Fortunately, they actually waited. Unbelievable!

Outcome of meeting – AM will be one of the speakers in a ‘PKFZ’ public debate at the KL Chinese Assembly Hall on Wednesday 10th June at 8pm.

Can’t write about the other stuff we discussed coz Da Peace Hillers would be upset. Except I’m reliably informed that RPK is now in Barcelona. Apparently, Brisbane is too chilly at this time of the year.

So, would you believe all that I’ve posted here? No ah? Helen and Bernard also didn’t believe it was LKS speaking to them on my cellphone either. Hmppfff!

And I bet you won’t believe if OTK will turn up for the debate mentioned above, right.