Aleyasak Pix taken from ShanghaiFish’s blog.

Meet Aleyasak Hamid Ali Hassan.

I wrote about him in the aftermath of BERSIH’s 10-ELEVEN in November 2007.

Others have written too. Read here, here and here. Nope, couldn’t find anything ‘written’ by Rocky on his blog archives but he did put up the same photo on his ‘Yellow Day‘ posting. Yup, he was there on that auspicious day.

As reported in the NST (here), has the IGP ‘furiously’ over-reacted to RPK’s article on police brutality?

Or was he just being pig-headed? The IGP I mean, not RPK lah.

Note explanation of ‘pig-headed’ as defined by Merriam-Webster’s online Dictionary

: willfully or perversely unyielding.

Synonymous to ‘Obstinate’ but some of the umnoputras out there in lala-land might think that this could be a derogatory word to use, hence, ‘pig-headed’ would be a better choice for the titling. Paham tak?

And we are not talking about ad hominem cases like Kugan’s, as yet.