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It seems everyone’s into twittering nowadays.

That 140 character phenomena of new media is apparently the latest hip thingy to have and do by the young and not so young, and possibly some from the in-betweens.

Wanted to catch the latest ‘hot buns’ info on today’s parliamentary sitting soooo .. I read Jeff’s stuff and found some gems:

a) Abdullah Badawi just got in 10.50am. Sitting next to Ong Ka Ting, first row of the block in directly facing the Speaker. Must have dozed off on the way to .. yaaawwwnn .. work.

b) Najib answers Oral Question #5 (Stimulus Package) as if he is making a budget speech. No stats on the draw-down of the RM7b + RM60b packages. That’s what can happen when yer holding two portfolios and can’t twit concisely.

c) Speaker agrees Kit Siang motion is specific, of public interest and urgent, but it is still rejected as Transport Ministry has made remedy. Gotta be PKFZ mah. That’s the other latest crazy thing in town. OTK out of town .. nay .. country. Problem remedied!

You can get the rest here if yer interested.

And it wasn’t too long ago that ‘twit’ meant something else altogether.

Btw did you know I wrote this in May 2007. A ‘blogger in parliament’ with MP credentials certainly doesn’t need media accreditation. Hark! Do I hear someone else banging at the door saying “I am MM. Gimme your best seat in da House”.

Today, there are several with hues reflecting real life.

Oh well .. Wonders never ceases, eh folks.

Popcorn anyone?

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