Images taken from TMI and Mkini respectively.

Take a close look at Teoh Beng Hock’s pants.

Does it appear torn to shreds on its derriere?

Did the marathon interrogation by the MACC , from 6pm to 3.45am the next day, go horribly wrong as speculated by RPK? Read here.

After all, there was a recent precedent to the MACC resorting to dubious methods in their investigation. Read here.

Add to this, the responses from the MACC’s investigation division director, Shukri Abdull, during a press conference and reported at Mkini –

~Why wasn’t Ean Yong informed? He learnt about this from the press.

~We didn’t know. We only know at 1.30pm when we saw the body. What time did Ean Yong find out?

~At 4pm. He learnt from the reporters. MACC did not contact him.

~(No reply)

And of course, this tragic episode was trifled with by none other than this bloke –

Nazri Aziz

who said,

~I was informed by MACC earlier that he was released yesterday (early this morning). Then he should have gone home .. and how would we know that he would jump out of the building?


So why didn’t TBH leave immediately since he must surely have had preparations to expedite for his marriage, preferring instead to hang around in the MACC building .. and taking a nap coz he was tired.

Under the circumstances, TBH could have easily made a phone call and get someone to pick him up, even if it’s 4.00am!

Furthermore, there is an unaccounted time-frame of 7.1/2 hours between 6am when he was last seen alive and sleeping on a sofa until found dead at 1.30pm.

How did TBH manage to elude witnesses to his presence in a building which should be crawling with MACC personnel?

Does the MACC allow a civilian to roam freely and unescorted within their premises?

If the MACC claims that TBH was not a suspect and was cooperative, why the haste in having the ‘after hours’ chit-chat?

It was also said by the MACC that TBH was to return to the their office with some documents which clearly indicated his intention not to abscond. Hence, there was ample time for the MACC to continue their investigation with a ‘willing’ non-suspect.

Last but not least, why did the Selangor CPO pre-emptively classify TBH’s demise as ‘sudden death‘ without any evidence of foul play so far when a proper autopsy has not been done yet?

Further, he reportedly said,

~Khalid told reporters that forensic teams from Universiti Putra Malaysia, Hospital Kuala Lumpur and Hospital Klang have examined Teoh’s body and the police had offered the victim’s family to bring their own team but it did not show up.

How many Malaysian families do you know have a forensic team available at their beck and call just in case a family member died suddenly?

Sometimes, I truly wonder if 1Malaysia is alive and well or D.O.A?

Update 1515HR 17/07/09

Let’s see if you can spot any incriminating evidence and/or signs.







The top three photos were enhanced/enlarged by me to higher resolution and brightness levels.

The bottom three photos were retrieved from another blog (here).