NST [Print] – TEOH’s MOBILE PHONE FOUND (2009/07/20)

SHAH ALAM: Police investigations into the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock, 30, took a fresh twist yesterday when it was revealed that his mobile phone had been found.

Selangor police chief Deputy Commissioner Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar confirmed that Teoh’s mobile phone had been recovered but declined to elaborate.

“I do not want to reveal where it was found because the information is crucial to our investigations,” Khalid said when contacted.

He said he would issue an official statement today [i.e. Monday 20th]. He also declined to say when the mobile phone was found.


Points to consider:

The Selangor CPO was videotaped by Mkini (recorded on 20/07/09) during which he revealed that TBH’s mobile phone was retrieved from the MACC investigating officer on Thursday 16th July ’09 (i.e. the day TBH died). It was not clear whether the MACC official was in possession of it BEFORE or AFTER TBH was released at 3.45am on the same day.

Why was KAB being evasive on where and when it was found?

1) I have read reports in which two of TBH’s friends were contacted. Although the exact times were not established, both calls had references to ‘attending a marriage event’ which would definitively repudiate a suicide. Surely, TBH does not need to ‘fabricate an alibi’ and then, proceed to jump off a building.

2) If TBH was assisting the MACC willingly, according to official reports, it would be incumbent for the MACC to keep him safe and alive. TBH would therefore be in possession of his mobile phone when he was released at 3.45am and be able to call his two friends. If so, the mobile phone must also be in his possession when he ‘landed’ several floors below. Did the MACC official retrieve the phone AFTER TBH was dead? Isn’t that tempering with evidence? Or did TBH leave it lying around in the MACC office when he decided to end his life suddenly?

3) If however TBH was indeed a ‘recalcitrant’ witness (but not a suspect), the MACC may have decided to ‘confiscate’ his mobile phone to gather more evidence but that would make it impossible for TBH to call his two friends after being released at 3.45am. And I doubt the MACC would allow TBH to use their office telephone to make personal phone calls.

4) Tan Boon Hwa was reported to have met TBH at the MACC pantry at about 6-6.30am. This indicates TBH presence within the MACC premises when he was also reported to be alive (and sleeping on a settee) by another unidentified witness. If TBH was ‘released’ by the MACC at 3.45am, he would also need a MACC official to help him exit the premises because an electronic card is required to deactivate the security system. Isn’t it therefore more logical to conclude that at about 6-6.30am, TBH was NOT RELEASED by the MACC? By virtue of its containment precautions, the MACC office is in fact a holding cell without any possibility of escape.

5) Very little is known of the period between 6.30am and 1.30pm. The authorities were equally ‘silent’ on this unaccounted grey period. Why? No witnesses, and no CCTV footage either, to offer irrefutable evidence of TBH’s (alive and well) whereabouts within the MACC premises. Was he in fact still under ‘interrogation’? (After all, we only have the MACC’s word that he was released earlier at 3.45am).

6) And if so, did TBH finally summon the courage to surreptitiously record the ‘interrogation’ methods of the MACC during this period with his mobile phone? Confiscating his mobile phone and/or covertly erasing its data may not have sufficed as we do not know whether things have gotten out of hand at this stage. TBH’s lower right leg may have been fractured by now (refer to photos). His phone may also be hidden in a pocket when the MACC officer was trying to retrieve it with TBH struggling which injured his right wrist and his pants getting torn (refer to photos).

7) Therefore, TBH was essentially never officially released by the MACC. His ‘cold’ encounter with Tan Boon Hwa in the pantry, conveniently made possible without an escort, was to gauge and get any conversation/information exchanged, and perhaps, only TBH realised this possibility.  TBH’s mind was still lucid as evident through making calls to his friends regarding his impending marriage, hence, suicide was not an option. He slept on a settee because he could not leave the premises, not that he would not.

Will we ever know the truth?

NTR’s 1Malaysia of ‘People First, Peformance Now’ hangs precariously in the balance if the IPCMC is not established and a RCI into the TBH tragedy is not done post haste. Heads must roll lest his become the obvious choice in the next GE.