Well, whaddaya know, folks.

Did yer realise that 23rd July 2009 had a quirky coincidence of sorts.

For one, it must have been a deliriously, happy moment for a first-time mom who still is, imho, an iconic diva in her own right.

Model, singer, actress and by my ‘younger days’ yardstick, the darndest, drop-dead gorgeous bombshell I’ve met .. seen.

She’s got that drool factor which words can’t describe because of the copious amounts of .. errr .. drool in one’s mouth which negates any ability for coherent speech.

Then, slowly but surely, my lower jaw drops, squashing the top of my pink knitted woolen turtleneck, worn over maroon bell-bottoms and elevated clogs. A neatly folded silk kerchief took care of the ensuing uncontrollable .. errr .. drool flow albeit done out of sight of THE most desired chick in town, and tucked away promptly into a back pocket with a tiny corner peeking out for aesthetics.

‘Act cool, maaan. Don’t stare. Never, ever look interested when an awesomely hot chick like her shashays in front of you’.

That’s the S.O.P. for any hot (under-the-collar-most-of-the-time-in-that-damn-turtleneck-coz-AC-ain’t-hip-yet-so-that’s-why-we-crowd-around-under-ceiling-fans-turning-around-at-Schumacher-speed) blooded dude worth his salt had to do.

Appearing sweaty is a definite no-no thus ‘Cuticura’  talcum powder was selling like ‘must have’ hare krishna beads.

Oh yeah, a Timex watch worn on the wrist but over the sleeve of that fluid inducing (why-do-I-have-to-bloody-wear-this-darn-turtlesuit) attire completes the (She’s-looking-at-me?-Really!-Oh-Gosh!-Why-do-I-wanna-pee ..) suave facade.


Ziana Zain became a mommy with twins, a girl and a boy.

She’s 41 and still one helluva hottie in my worn out black berry book.

Congrats, my dear ZZ.

I’ll always cherish that (so-so-close-I-could-grope-you-but-dare-not) moment at the Actors’ Studio club when we passed each other near the loo.

You cumming out and me hugging the wall, going ga-ga.

And I peed in my pants later coz unzipping a hard-on was still a work-in-progress maneuver.

Sigh! A very, very satisfying sigh indeed.

On the other hand (errr . no pun intended), if these other 41 (yer see the numerical significance now, folks) were born and bred right, their autumn careers won’t be wasted with legitimizing another type of blood-letting MACChination.

And this bloke had to be a party pooper of sorts, sharing the twin’s birthright on this auspicious day.

Look on the bright side.

You and hubby got two adorable kids to grow up with while he’s still trying to dump excess baggage at his age.

Poetic justice, eh ZZ.

P.S. Luv yer still though I don’t sigh as much.