In the aftermath of Teoh Beng Hock’s death, the UMNO Baru led BN propaganda machinery ranging from cabinet ministers, the MSM to the pro-UMNO bloggers are running riot with ‘disclosures’ and ‘exposes’.

The latest is a blog set up on 23rd July ’09 named “Truth for Teoh Beng Hock” which claims to have evidences of DAP corruption.

But let me digress for the moment.

Have you read another news report in Utusan Malaysia lately?

It was written apparently by Zaini Hassan (ref: Jeff Ooi’s posting) on 22nd July ’09 and excerpted below is a veiled reference to similar allegations of  corruption –

~Sepanjang tempoh siasatan itu, Beng Hock bekas wartawan Sin Chew Daily itu dikatakan telah memberi komitmen dan kerjasama sepenuhnya. Banyak dokumen yang perlu disemak satu persatu. Beliau turut dikatakan membantu menyusun dokumen-dokumen di atas meja. Malah beliau berjanji akan membawa lagi dokumen untuk diteliti di pejabat SPRM itu. Tapi semua itu tidak sempat, beliau kemudiannya ditemui mati.

Difahamkan Beng Hock, yang merupakan seorang pemuda yang bercakap lembut dan kaki buku mulai gelisah apabila komputer ribanya mula dibuka. Ia dikatakan berlaku sekitar pukul 1 pagi. Tidak pasti apa ada dalam komputer itu yang menyebabkan beliau terlalu gelisah. Tapi yang jelas bahan-bahan dalam komputer itu amat penting untuk siasatan.

Pihak forensik polis kini dipercayai telah mengambil komputer riba itu daripada SPRM untuk siasatan lanjut.

Apa sekalipun, isi kandungan dokumen-dokumen yang ada dalam komputer riba itu akan diteliti. Mungkin juga ada maklumat-maklumat penting yang boleh membongkar satu demi satu lagi cerita.

Kita tidak tahu apa ada dalam komputer itu, tapi lazimnya sesuatu siasatan polis atau pihak berkuasa lain akan menjurus kepada pelbagai elemen kejutan ‘cari benda lain akan terjumpa benda lain’~

(Read full article here)

Did you notice the innuendo towards some form of disclosure will be imminent in the last sentence?

And it was written as if the reporter was himself sitting in the MACC interrogation room together with TBH.

In other words, it appears as if this article was written with insider information, fabricated or otherwise.

Subsequently, the above-mentioned new blog was launched on 23rd July ’09 and inexplicably, it gets noticed and mentioned at Rocky’s Bru on 24th July ’09.

DAP’s Ronnie Liu – DUN Pandamaran (N47) bore the brunt of the unsubstantiated allegations in this new blog.

In its third posting, 8 copies of ‘evidences’ were uploaded implicating him with misappropriations at DUN Sungei Pelek (N56) which in fact is under the purview of MCA’s Yap Ee Wah.

For the record, Ronnie Liu has his own blogsite, Color Blind, in which all fund allocations/payments/recipients/dates were tabulated and archived. Even though Sungei Pelek is not under Pakatan Rakyat, they have deemed it necessary to have a presence and appointed Ronnie Liu for the task.

Let’s compare the ‘evidences’ –

A) Pandamaran N47 (under RL).


B) Sungei Pelek N56 (under RL).


C) Disclosure from TFTBH blog.

Link – here

The data format in A) and B) are the same but the presentation in C) is entirely different although the blogger of TFTBH claimed that his/her ‘evidences’ were copies of the actual documents.

Next, did you notice the dates shown in ‘evidence C’? It included transactions done in January 2008. Blimey! When was Ronnie Liu ever a BN politician? And more importantly, he won at DUN Pandamaran N47 during GE12 in March 2008.

Appended below are three comments published at Rocky’s posting which may help you further understand what’s going on:


atanjamilselamat said…

I need some clarification. Before 3rd of March 2008, Selangor is under BN and the ADUN for Sungai Pelek was Liew Chee Khong (BN) and the ADUN now is Yap Ee Wah (BN). Both of BN. Fine.

Now go to the first slide posted by T4TBH and we’ll see that the date is 3.01.08. Well before the 12th GE and on 3.01.2008 the MB is Dato Seri Khir Toyo and PR govt. is NOT in existence yet. So how on earth can Ronnie Liu be distributing contracts to people at that time. So it is really PELEK !

Yes we do see several tables of contracts and names being posted by T4TBH. So what? I don’t see anything wrong. I need hard facts.

Of course the other tables show dates after 3rd March 2008 but the first is very fishing. These tables could be fake and the person makingg it, in his haste failed to realise the importance of the date!

6:32 PM


Steven Tan said…

If I recall correctly, this piece of information was taken directly from an accusation towards Khir Toyo last General Election 2008. The same sheet was published to show how Khir Toyo – the Selangor government spent their money. The same piece of information was taken and modified, and published in this blog. I guess this must be UMNO’s job again. They have no ground to defend themselves on the death of Teoh Beng Hock that caused by MACC. Now they come out with such baseless accusation. All the Chinese Newspapers are smart enough in identifying this except Barisan Nasional’s controlled Media- starting to harp on this and try to overturn the bad image suffered due to Teoh’s death. BN should shameful of themselves…What a racist dog. ..

7:38 PM


Anonymous said…


I have been your supporter all these while but i guess your job at Malay Mail has made you less attentive to the details given.

Even though i’m a pro-government person but i guess there are some bad malicious fact from the blog you are refering to.

For instance, RINA MOHD HARUN is the Ketua Puteri UMNO Sepang and used to be the Special Officer for The Minister of Works, Ir Zin Badak. She is also currently one of the Exco Puteri 2008-2011. And the RM20k mentioned (Each 10k) are for Puteri Umno programmes before the election. Therefore it cant be Ronnie Liu giving it to her, my dear friend….

For me, the truth is the truth….

Prodigal Maestro

9:06 PM


In their haste to cover up the MACC mishap, these UMNO Baru/BN blokes and media moguls couldn’t give a damn for friendly fire.

I guess this is the new strategy of STRATEGIC AMBIGUITY that NTR’s 1Malaysia is famous for.

And totally clueless is the new buzzword.