Let’s keep this simple and to the point.


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Oh yeah … and one more thing.

That bloke from Yes2ISA dropped by and wrote this –

a) Submitted on 2009/07/30 at 2:04pm

See you all on the streets on 1st August.

Since you like to think that popularity of a cause is measured by the numbers taking to the streets, we will play your game and show you how many people support the ISA.

As much as you claim your right to march, we the silent majority have woken up from our slumber. We will show u that we, the majority of malaysians who voted for our current government demand that they preserve this law.

Who are you to go against the wishes of the majority? just because u take to the streets? Well, 2 can play that game. Bersedia bersemuka.

You play with fire, u will eventually get burned


b) Submitted on 2009/07/30 at 2:06pm

You play with fire, u will get burnt.

You think that popularity for a cause is measured by the numbers that take to the streets? Ok, we will play your game.

Sedia bersemuka dgn kita 1hb Ogos ni.

The silent majority has been rudely awakened , and we are not happy.

See you there, and my brothers from all of semenanjung are eager to meet the GMI trolls



Double entry, beb. Redundant fler this.

Wow! Burnt .. as in getting sunburned I trust, provided it’s a bright sunny day at that and not pouring like on 10-Eleven in 2007.

Anywayz, does this bloke realise that what’s written is tantamount to inciting violence on other innocent citizens.

You wanna walk, walk lah.

If you’re not happy, then don’t walk.

Coz you might get sunburned.