Pix from err .. Starpix.

For the one who shall also not be named, a government facilitated blog with her by-line has been created, ostensibly, by using taxpayers’ monies.

Yup, that’s precisely how one would surmise because of the URL which is –

PMO and the dead giveaway hint “” has got to be the real mccoy, right?  I mean it’s not like other fake ‘black blogs’, for instance TFTBH or the insufferable Yes2ISA, whose identities are anybody’s guess.

Hey, Bernama announced it. I don’t think they had any choice anywayz.

So, by now, every netizen worth their mouse must have clicked on to this fat new ‘cookie’ in town.

And got flustered with slow front-page downloads. Must be damn ‘fofular’, this new blog. So some tried again later and still had the same problem. How lah!

Wanna know why?

If you had installed a decent firewall and anti-virus software on your computer (yer know .. the type which you pay cold hard cash with instead of ripping off some freeware from the Net), you’ll probably encounter this message:

“You have chosen to open : application/x-httpd-php from – which you can either open or save” (via your favorite browser. Linux Rocks, OK!).

Trust me, folks. Rule # 1 on Net browsing should set your spider sense tingling when you encounter this particular type of request because usually phishing/scam/porn sites are the ones who will try to grab you by .. err  .. never mind, you know what I mean.

You can never ever trust these unknown application programs (those .exe stuff) coz they tend to mess up your PC innards and fry your hard-disk as well.

But and it’s a big BUTT, if you trust your government, please, by all means, proceed with confidence. With a smile, if you please, coz I’m sure the 1st lady would be happy to see you.

In a manner of speaking.