Folks, this could well end up as a series of postings on OBE.

Hence, the title.

And the latest is from Zulkiflee Bakar entitled “Tiang seri negara diancam” which you can read in full here.

Nope, I’m not gonna cut and paste that article here for obvious reasons.

Besides, you just have to click on the link provided. Go, go read lah.

However, the same article was reproduced at TMI and I’d like to share with you this hilarious take by ‘Durian Besar’ which appeared in the comments section:

~~~written by Durian Besar, August 13, 2009

Cover baselessness with more baselessness

A accuses B, “you insulted my mother”
B ask A, “How exactly did i insult your mother?”

A accuses B, “I don’t know how exactly, but you insulted my mother”
B say “Tell me how exactly I insulted her”

A accuses B, “I don’t know how exactly, I am not going to tell you, but i tell you, you insulted, you insulted, you insulted my mother, I said you insulted my mother you insulted my mother.”
B: …………………………

A further accuses B, “You insulted my mother, you insulted my mother badly, rudely, biadap, you insulted my mother.”

How are you supposed to react to A?
Don’t look at him, don’t listen to him, just ignore him.
If you look at him, he might accuse you of scowling at him.

But no guarantee you will be free of trouble, he might accuse you for being rude if you ignore him.
This is the behavior of terrorist-in-the-making, you are always wrong while he has all the excuses to hate you.~~~


Sooo .. how lah like this!

This DAP bashing exercise at Utusan is continuing unabated and seemingly unrestricted by its owners, UMNO.

Well, folks. Do any of you recall the RM600 million dished out by the former Hadhari-influenced PM in the latter part of 2006 during the UMNO general assembly, supposedly for the benefit of 191 UMNO divisions?

Guess who made a police report on the matter?

Yup, DAP! Go read this and this.

In fact, just Google “RM600 million + badawi” and you’ll find loads of stuff on the subject. Including postings from pro-Umno bloggers (but that time different camp mah)

Sooo .. Duuuhhh! What’s Utusan ranting about?

Mu dah lupa kut.