I got in touch with Sheih aka Kickdefella who was generous enough to provide me with the following images:

Hindu temple in Jln Hamzah

Tokkong Mek in Kijang

Wat Buddha in Bachok

Methodist Church Jln Hamzah

Hj Hashim in Wat Siam

Move your cursor over the images for more details.

These places of worship exist for a reason.

That individual societies of various faiths can live together in harmony, as God would want it to be.

Now can somebody tell these numbskulls in Shah Alam to take a hike up Mount Arafat and don’t come down until they’ve cleanse their souls.


TMI pix and full reports here and here.

NTR (that’s our PM in case you just landed from Mars) have issued an executive order for the PDRM to get off their butts.

More reports at Mkini here, here and here.

Why am I only linking to these news portals?

Coz none of the of the BN government-owned MSMs, including the electronic media and Bernama, gave any coverage to this shameful act by a bunch of malay-muslims (sic) during the month of Ramadan.

Wither 1Malaysia?

Ditto Merdeka.