Remember this incident, folks?








All images are from Minaq Jinggo’s photopage.

And of course, the incriminating video recorded by the Mkini news crew.

Well, the Home minister who finally got off his butt to make house-calls in Shah Alam’s section 23 has ‘defended’ the protesters’ right to assemble illegally.


  • They are not getting off scot-free. They felt victimised and feel that there is another valid explanation on their part. There was no intention on their part to cause racial divide. They, the organisers, who are sitting left and right of me, didn’t even know that somebody was going to bring the head of the cow during that demonstration. Yeah, right! Despite the irrefutable evidences shown and heard.
  • They said that they were very conscious and all that they wanted to do was to voice their unhappiness about the willingness of the state government to listen to their requests. I was told that even the Hindus there are not so passionate that it is built there (section 23). “I was told …” ??? C’mon, man. If he made an effort to ‘turun padang’, the least he could do is speak directly with the hindu residents. Hearsay is not good enough.
  • If I wanted to use the issue to create chaos in Selangor, I can but we didn’t take such actions. Is he there to check the facts on the ground or ‘massage’ information to justify an ‘NFA’?
  • I have it in my records to show there were cases where a pig-head was used by irresponsible parties including leaving the head in front of an Umno building covered by an Umno flag. Oh yeah, that’s the clincher. And pigs can fly too.

At least this bloke took the trouble to try and unravel the truth, supported with names, background identities and photos as to who are the culprits in last Friday’s incident.

Does the Home minister think he can assuage outraged Malaysians by saying with just mere words – “Why would we want to penalise anybody” – and PRETEND everything is hunky dory?

Get out of the kitchen, HH. Your cooking stinks!

P.S. More bile from HH here.