MMail - dark secret revealed

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MToday version

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MMail exclusive hijacked

So Rocky does a ‘hijack‘ article at the on-line Malay Mail at 04:17 am and 04:21:46 am. (Yup, same story with different time-lines).


  • …. stolen by online portal Malaysia Today even before Malay Mail had gone to print or had uploaded the story on its website. The story was uploaded on Malaysia Today at 1.52am.

Hang on, wasn’t the on-line version of “Dark secret revealed” published at 1:05 am at Malay Mail?

So, how could the Malay Mail accuse Malaysia-Today of ‘stealing their exclusive’ when the latter published the same article LATER at 1:52 am. Therefore, the words “even before Malay Mail had …. uploaded the story” is neither accurate nor factual.

The ‘scoop’ may not have gone to print but then again, isn’t publishing it on-line an act of first disclosure by Malay Mail by any interpretation.

And it gets better coz Rocky did a posting “Thief!, thief!” at his blog. Ok, it’s repetitive and complete with exclamation marks to emphasise the ‘misdeed’.


  • Imagine our shock when at 1.52am, which is way before our Press time, our scoop was already up on Malaysia Today!
  • The Malay Mail usually updates its website around noon (about the same time the Print edition goes out to the streets) but today I told our IT people we might as well upload the stories earlier.

His blog posting did not highlight the fact that Malay Mail had published the ‘scoop’ on-line at 1:05 am, giving ample time for Malaysia-Today to aggregate and re-publish it at 1:52 am i.e AFTER the story broke at the Malay Mail.

Therefore, anyone reading his blog posting may not be the wiser and could possibly believe Rocky’s contention that their (Malay Mail) exclusive was ‘stolen’ by Malaysia-Today. Well, that’s a sleight of hand that only poker-faced characters are inclined to do, isn’t it.

And isn’t it also possible, Rocky’s instruction to upload on-line earlier went awry coz the Malay Mail advertisers would scream like hell for a ‘stale scoop’.

I wonder what his lawyers would say now. Coitus oopzerufus?

P.S. At the time of posting this (12 noon), links to Malay Mail are “access denied”. Hmmm .. I don’t wanna get paranoid but well, you know …. and I’ve made screenshots plus print-copies.