Sedition charge unfair, says lawyer

by Aizat Sharif

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 03:06:00
KamarulKamarul: “My clients didn’t bring cow head”

THE 12 people to be charged in court this morning for the controversial ‘cow-head’ incident on Aug 26 are expected to plead that their intentions to conduct the protest that day had been misconstrued and had been unfairly turned into a religious issue.

Kamarul Irzuan, one of the lawyers representing the 12 to be charged, also said that his clients had told him that they don’t know who even brought the cow head in the first place as it was never part of their plans.

“None of my clients brought the cow head as it had nothing to do with the main messages they wanted to send in their memorandum to the Selangor State government.”

Kamarul said the main grouse was that the Section 23 Shah Alam residents felt aggrieved the State government had decided to locate a Hindu temple within the mainly Muslim community without even consulting them first.

“There isn’t anything religious or racial about such a concern because there are hardly any Hindus here in the first place and why would anyone want to inconvenience them to come to a strange new place? The residents wanted the State government to explain this rationale.”

Kamarul further said that the Section 23 residents also wanted to know why the Hindu temple was being relocated in the first place since there didn’t seem to be any real reason for it to be moved.

“The residents felt it was an arbitrary decision that was unfair to both Hindus and Muslims, and wanted the State government to reconsider as the decision seemed very high-handed.”

He spoke to Malay Mail after the 12 were summoned to the Shah Alam district police headquarters at 9pm yesterday. After being questioned, all 12 were released on personal bonds at 12.30am and were instructed to appear at the Shah Alam Sessions Court at 9am today.

Kamarul said the 12 had yet to be told what charges they would be facing, but he expected all to be charged for illegal assembly under Section 27 of the Police Act.

He also expected six of them to be charged under Section 1 and Section 4 of the Sedition Act, and felt that it would be unfair for this charge to be made.

Kamarul also drew a comparison to the recent case of a pig head that was dumped at the Universiti Malaya surau in January. The carcass had been placed in a Pas flag in a surau located in the Islamic studies academy.

“What happened in that case?” he asked.

“Why was there no big legal controversy like what is happening now? Furthermore, my clients had no religious extremism in mind when they did what they did. Is it fair then that they are persecuted for something they had never intended?”

Source: Malay Mail report


Here are a series of screenshots taken from Mkini’s video which captured the incident as it happened:

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02 03

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Can this lawyer explain how the severed bull-head got from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ which is at the front entrance of the Selangor state secretariat if it was not carried by the persons shown in these images?

Or perhaps, this lawyer is not representing the persons shown here?

Is there another twelve ‘suspects’ that the PDRM have not investigated and identified yet?

And I thought there was only one DIRTY DOZEN.