While everyone’s attention were fixated on the:

  • Shah Alam’s bull-head circus
  • NTR’s new PKFZ STF(U)*
  • TBH’s inquest
  • MCA’s presidential turmoil
  • MIC’s party elections
  • Etc, etc, etc

Something sinister cropped up quietly down south in the state of Johor.

And it happened in the Johor state assembly at that.

Remember when we are told of the four pillars of democracy namely the Executive, Legislature, Judiciary and the Fourth Estate.

Well, in Malaysia, it does not exist. No thanks to UMNO.

Here’s why:

A) Democracy: One step forward for Selangor, one step back for Johor.

I am very very sad as a Johorean. What has happened in the state assembly of Johor last Tuesday is one giant step backward for democracy in the state. As reported by Merdeka Review (pardon the Chinese report; I could not find any report in MK and MI), the state constitution has been amended to give powers to the (notorious) Election Commission in determining when a state seat is vacant. The powers are originally in the hand of the speaker, a representative elected by the rakyat, as with the norm in various other states in Malaysia.

Read more here.

B) Pindaan undang-undang tubuh negeri Johor akan merampaskan kuasa Speaker dan menjejas kedaulatan Dewan Negeri

I am extremely upset that my debate speech on Bill of Constituional Amendment 2009 of Johor State Constitution 1985 Part II Article 23 Clause (5) which provides 8th Spetembet in Johor State Assembly was halted half way on the reason that I did not protest on the first reading of the bill. But the Standing Orders clearly states that the first reading could not be debated or interrupted. Any dabate can only be proposed at the second reading.

The Bill was passes hastily without givng a chance for Members to fully debate on such an imporatnt bill. The passage of the Bill means that any casual vacancy in the Dewan shall be established by the Election Commission, and not by the Speaker or the House.

Read more here.

Hmm.. didn’t someone also say it’s gonna get worse before it gets better.

Be vigilant Malaysian netizens coz there’ll be a lot of strange happenings on the local Net i.e. web/blog site hackings are becoming virulent lately.

* STF – Super Task Force. Go figure where ‘U’ fit in as an acronym.

Update: 0245HR 12/09/09.

A clarification or UMNO’s feeling queasy with GE13 – read here.