Honest! I didn’t realise it was that cheap.

Lest you might think that I’m leading you down the wrong path in this holy month of Ramadan, please perish the thought.

Batal puasa nanti.

Anywayz, Shahanaaz Habib of the Star dug deeper into the Shah Alam bull-head incident and filed two reports.

A) Hisham explains his role in the affair


  • In his defence, he told The Star through text messages that he had agreed to meet the protestors because they told him they were not the ones who had brought the cow’s head to the protest.

B) Not cowed but regretful


  • One of the organisers of the protest who was responsible for bringing the cow’s head says they had wanted to bring a live cow as a symbol of the stupidity of the state government but they could not afford one. “We wanted to follow the group that sent a cow a few months back to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission in Selangor but a live one costs too much. So we got the cow head instead for RM25,” says the organiser who declined to be named.

Sounds and looks like an open admission of guilt to me.

Motive, intent and execution. All wrapped up in a nice little bundle for the PDRM.

But still, the police have not located another ‘suspect’ called ‘The 13th cow-head”, have they?