From food fights on recipe rights to detention ‘comforts’.

It’s amazing sometimes when you look at the sibling rivalry between Malaysia and Singapore (aka RDC = Red Dot Com).

Mas Selamat ‘happy to be detained in Malaysia’. (TMI report. The Star carried a similar truncated news item – here)


  • Jemaah Islamiah (JI) militant Mas Selamat Kastari is happy to be detained in Malaysia, but he hopes to see his wife and five children during the Hari Raya celebration, according to Suhakam vice-chairman Tan Sri Simon Sipaun.
  • Sipaun said Mas Selamat also claimed he had been drugged while he was in detention in Singapore. He said he did not feel normal most of the time and was always dizzy.
  • Suhakam carries out regular checks on detention centres and prisons throughout the country to ensure there is no violation of human rights.
  • Home Ministry secretary-general Mahmood Adam confirmed yesterday that his ministry would allow Mas Selamat’s wife to visit him in Kamunting. “We have no problem. As long as she has the proper travel documents, she can visit him anytime,” he said.
  • For its part, Suhakam did not plan to contact Mas Selamat’s wife or children, said Sipaun. “Unfortunately, our duty is only to make sure that there is no human rights violation in the detention centres and we’re not planning to meet Mas Selamat’s wife,” he said.

Singapore: Mas Selamat never complained about ill-treatment. (TMI report. No, the Star didn’t publish this ROR = right of reply).


  • “The family’s request for travel documents to enable them to visit Mas Selamat at the Kamunting Detention Centre is currently being assessed by the Singapore authorities. We will have to consider, given the family’s past immigration offences, Mas Selamat’s terrorist activities and plots against Singapore, and the fact that Mas Selamat’s wife was also a member of the JI, whether it is in our national security interests to grant the family travel documents to leave Singapore to visit him in Malaysia.
  • “Any report of ill-treatment of the detainee is sent to the Minister for Home Affairs. The government did not receive any report of ill-treatment from Mas Selamat, the doctor, his family, or the Board of Inspection during his detention.
  • “It should also be pointed out that in the last few years since Mas Selamat was repatriated to Singapore from Indonesia, despite his having plotted terror attacks against Singaporeans and despite his having deserted his family in Singapore and fleeing to hide in Malaysia, ISD and members of the Inter-Agency Aftercare Group, which comprises several Singaporean Malay-Muslim organisations and individuals including AMP, Khadijah Mosque, Mendaki and Taman Bacaan, had provided the family social and financial assistance, such as help with their utilities bills, and tuition and school textbooks for the children.”

It’s kinda weird to see both nations falling over each other in what can be considered as ‘making hay while the rain pours’.

And the icing on the cake?

The Malaysian government is inviting another known JI member to visit the country.

That will ring alarm bells in the Oval Office, eh folks.

Heck! I’m prepared to view the special visit request under sympathetic considerations. At least for the kids. Plus it’s the Raya thingy.

But does it have to be such an ‘overt’ public relations exercise, especially because of this and this?

Discretion is definitely not their forte.