Allegedly bashed by NINE PAS supporters, this bloke ended up in a hospital bed, looking none for the better coz he still looks … errr … pathetically idiotic.

Soft tissue injury? Now who would believe that a future leader of Malaysia, and an UMNO Supreme Council member at that, can be felled by fisticuffs and legistuffs (sic) when he should have been made of sterner stuff. Wimp! Don’t ever try that stunt of walking into ‘enemy’ territory unless you got kokonut kahunas.

And of course, Homey sez “We have seen what they tried to do to Umno supreme council member Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim .. ” and also ” .. police would carry out a thorough probe into the matter.” Ok, which is which? Homey knows better or is he ‘telling’ the PDRM to investigate according to his ‘announcement’ in the MSM? Or is he jumping the gun as usual, as in the bull-head incident in Shah Alam?

“This is not a gimmick. Can I make my head swell for no reason? … ” Nope, yer swelled head was there when UMNO made you Poootera chief and yer definitely ain’t no workaholic. The Bagan Pinang folks will be happier if you don’t show up again in their lifetime.


Awww .. c’mon guyz. Gimme a break. Can’t we go to that new K-oK joint tomorrow night? Them .. damn .. press people are still out there and I can’t sneak out lah.


And don’t you guyz dare go for my favorite awek 231.

Hmmm .. will Hollywood ever dish out a bronze Oscar? With Arkham’s certificate pre-loaded, of course.