You may have read elsewhere, there are numerous queries from the public on whether “The Great Debate of 2010” will run its course.

Sooner, and we pray, not later than Xmas this year.

Reference to my earlier posting on “Ridhuan Tee’s Race Theorem“, Art Harun is still waiting for word from Ridhuan Tee if the latter is accepting the offer for a public debate which will be hosted by SayaAnakBangsaMalaysia.

Meanwhile, we have had “Arson Friday” on .. errr .. Friday 8th January ’10 which, paradoxically, could have been an impetus for Ridhuan Tee to come forward in view of the underlying circumstances.

Sooo .. Ridhuan Tee’s continued silence on the open invitation is deafening.

Equally puzzling is his ‘absence’ in Utusan Malaysia’s Sunday edition on 10th January for which he is (was?) a regular contributor.

Coupled with fact that both his blogs (malay/english) has not been updated since Sunday 3rd January ’10, are we to assume that Ridhuan Tee has ‘fallen out of favor’ with the-powers/media-that-be?

And if I’m not mistaken, he initially appeared as an ‘advisor’ on the UMNO Facebook page when it was launched but now, Ridhuan Tee is classified as an ‘administrator’.

Henceforth, he’s not the cause celebre (sic) on malay matters in the same league as Awang Selamat (sic) to be presented in person to the general public?

Or perhaps, Ridhuan Tee has got tonnes of examination papers to mark at the National Defense University Malaysia, so much so, he has no time for issues of national interest.

Yup, he’s probably, finally, just too busy earning his keep in a righteous way.

And hopefully, not out there in the wilderness looking for missing F5 jet engines.