Went blog hopping at 6am, after ‘tweaking’ a posting for that other blog-site and I decided, “What’s Rocky up to lately?”.

Saw this headline – Another politician kaki sue – which ordinarily would bore me to sleep (still can’t right now) or death (nope, too much SABM stuff still undone), whichever comes first.

But I was curious, as usual.


  • The lawsuit threat against Bernama TV is over its Jan 7 Hello Malaysia program featuring Robert Phang. It was a rare occasion where a local tv station had the gumption to debate the subject of graft openly and “live”.
  • If The Star wishes to play Wee’s silly game, it can well decide to sue Wee over his remarks in the NST that “I know it wasn’t the reporter’s fault. Someone higher up had edited the story to make it seem like I am hiding something.” That, to me, is a malicious statement.

Looks innocent enough but then again, that last phrase is mighty strong stuff coming from Rocky, ain’t it.

Especially when he’s taking aim (hey, I would too except that I find shooting a lame duck repugnant) at that high low-flying politician from Sarawak.

Curiosity got me digging deeper coz a keyword was mentioned – Bernama TV.

As you may have read elsewhere recently (ok lah, here), Bernama TV was supposedly for sale towards the end of last year. Has it been sold? Did the deal go through?

And if so, is Rocky’s contention that this – rare occasion where a local tv station had the gumption to debate the subject of graft openly and “live” – a breath of fresh air for Malaysian journalism?

I think not.


Coz Rocky forgot to mention another personality who appeared together with Robert Phang on the same ‘Hello Malaysia’ program.

It was Terence Fernandez from the Sun.

And TF had a lot to say as well.

Errr .. no, TF didn’t shoot a lame duck either, nor bragged about it if he did.

But he fired something akin to a naval broadside on a lame TV show which had a lot more ‘backroom drama‘ (I strongly urge you to read it otherwise this entire posting won’t make any sense at all) activity than what’s allowed in front of the cameras.

Hence, ‘muting, jamming and canning’ are still the perennial buzzwords for any BN-owned TV broadcasting top management ala (no pun intended, puhleeez) 1Malaysia.

Sooo .. whilst spinning (read: higher up, editorial oversight) news on MSM prints and even, on the online ‘new media’ websites is eeezy peezy for the ‘experts’, I guess, trying it on a live TV program takes some doing, eh folks.

Perhaps, Bernama TV should be more pragmatic in their future live programs by allowing advocates and solicitors (read: litigation lawyers) to sit in.

Beats ambulance chasing anytime, right folks.

Hmmm .. I just remembered something. Gotta renew my NPC membership soon.

Yo Rocky!