Heck, I don’t even know how to pronounce this name.

And you’re probably asking not just who but what all this fuss is about, eh folks.

Well, apparently, this ‘person’ is a Facebook member (i.e. according to that UMNO Baru-managed anti-Herald Facebook group) and the following screenshot was posted in their ‘Photos’ section [1]

The URL link to this image is here.

[2] is the alleged source of the message i.e. pro-Herald Facebook group.

And [3] is the Facebook member ‘Bedy Nx Muneh’ who allegedly wrote –

The screenshot was uploaded into ‘Photos’ section by “Non-Partisan” who also added the following comment –

Strangely, when I did a Facebook search for “Bedy Nx Muneh”, there was ZERO results for this name. I’ve tried generic variations of this name and still got no where.

If you have a Facebook account, you’d know that you need to sign up with the group in order to make any comments.

Thus, if you’re not a member of a particular Facebook group, you’ll get this image on your monitor [4]

Alternatively, if you are, this other image will appear [5] which allows you to make a comment –

Sooo .. points to ponder:

  • Did “Non Partisan” upload a fake screenshot in the UMNO Baru Facebook page to instigate responses from its members with his (her?) added message and if so, why, if it’s not to incite irrational emotions and inflame matters further?
  • “Bedy Nx Muneh” does not exist as a Facebook member nor have an account in Facebook (and I’ve checked again prior to publishing this at 0415HR – 22/01/10 ).
  • Can “Non Partisan” provide the URL link to the alleged message by “Bedy Nx Muneh” as I’ve done with this posting for the above-stated screenshot to prove that it’s genuine? (More URL links below) Don’t try to create a new “Bedy Nx Muneh” in Facebook coz there’s always a way to verify when it was ‘created’.
  • Non Partisan” hides behind a non-disclosure clause in ‘her’ Facebook account. How convenient!
  • Will the UMNO Baru Facebook members be wise to such shenanigans by a person who has an ulterior motive and who deceptively hides behind a seemingly neutral pseudonym like “Non Partisan” or will they just swallow it lock, stock and barrel like any good  BTN-trained conscript would do?
  • The screenshot above is but one of several other screenshots (of dubious origins and/or purpose with an accomplice, possibly) uploaded by “Non Partisan” appearing in the UMNO Baru Facebook ‘Photos’ page with similar sounding incitements as shown above. Go here, here, and here. Mind you, all these were uploaded by “Non Partisan” from 19th January 2010 onwards i.e. when ground sentiments appear to be reverting to normalcy. Is “Non Partisan” stoking the dying embers, so to speak?

Therefore, UMNO Baru’s diminishing popularity since March 2008 is taking a wicked turn for the worse with characters like “Non Partisan” creeping around in Facebook.

UMNO Baru are desperate, financially broke without the rich cash-cow states and totally bereft of true patriotic efforts for nation re-building.

For an entity ‘resurrected’ in 1988, I won’t weep to see its demise in GE13.

And Perkasa will be clutching at padi straws, not lucrative baksheesh (3).