Yeah, yeah, I’m still on the UMNO Baru Facebook case and this just in at about 9.30pm tonight or thereabouts –

URL link here.

Maaannn, this is definitely getting rather serious, eh folks.

Putting up a banner like that is like waving your red panties in front of a pot-bellied 50 y.o. male umno-nite (is there any other type?) who just landed the latest in a series of ‘negotiated’ contracts from the BN adminstration.

Firstly, let’s see how quickly the MIBs handle this. Will there be a statement from the PDRM later today (Saturday 23rd January 2010)?

Secondly, the flurry of indignant responses to Tengku Osman’s faux pas was positively heartening, as cited below:

  • tengku elok jgn post mcm ni la..nanti ada org ambil tindakan pula.
  • knapa bakar gereja masuk syurga? apa pandangan org lain tentang agama yg suci lagi indah ini?
  • Islam xpenah ajar bende mcm nie..sori i dun agree.
  • admin sila remove gmbar photo ini!!!!! or report!!!
  • ya…’giv them a lesson’ bnyk cara boleh kita bagi…bukan dgn melakukan kekejaman….tak de perikemanusiaan ke atau tak bertamanun? which one is u?
  • tlg report….. jalanlah pada jalan Allah! sesungguhnya orang2 munafik dihumban dalam neraka jahanam!

The ‘Tengku’ himself of course waded in to rub it in further:

  • tk pe, kteorg harus berani. drpd di hina terus terus.
  • eleh, coward ! we must giv them a lesson laaa… biar jera tu !…
  • provokasi ni… berhati hati jelah..selamat mencube ! (a Tengku supporter?)

Which eventually led to the following remarks:

  • Tengku Osman fake id!!!!! every one please report!!!! i smell some trap!!
  • ya!!! aku supect tengku musa fake id!! sengaja nk memburuk2 kan nama islam… kawan2 tolong report tengku osman!!!!!
  • Tengku Osman. Fake ID. Ni politik kotor ni. Nak memburukkan nama group ni. Admin, tolong delete kan.

Ahhh  .. yes .. another potentially fake Facebook member creating chaos in the UMNO Baru Facebook page and the umno-nites are totally pissed off with this insidious character who dares to desecrate their site with an unholy suggestion which goes against the basic tenets of Islamic teachings.

In other words, there’s a whole lotta self-righteous outpourings on this thread.

Question is – Why wasn’t this same emotional outburst and sense of collective responsibility equally evident in the other thread i.e. when ‘Non Partisan’ provided charcoal for the dying embers?

Sooo . izzit UMNO Baru’s turn to play the victim whilst appearing as God-fearing and law-abiding citizens of Malaysia?

And Tengku Osman is –

(Click on image for the link)

Yer know what really gets my kambing with this entire bunch of dimwits?

No one took the trouble to phone “Tengku Osman” @ 012-5647070 [1] [2] to provide any veracity in support of their exhortations.

Forty-five plus comments (at the time of this posting) and nobody, including the admins, does the right thing which sez something else is brewing with this thread. Why do you think this thread and/or photo link has not been yanked out of that Facebook page?

Typically UMNO Baru, eh folks. As always, each one is waiting for someone else to get the job done.

Eventually, they’ll leave it to the cops.

Yeah, right. Follow the script.

Update: 2230HR 24/01/10

The URL to the offensive ‘red’ message above is now replaced with –

Has good sense prevailed? Perhaps.

Or trick #666999 in the UMNO Baru book of ‘what-do-we-do-next-coz-we-just-got-busted’ didn’t quite pan out as expected.

And together with its absence, goes a collection of nauseatingly self-righteous codswallop.