Seriously, folks. How many Brutuses (sic) does UMNO Baru have?

Consider these words uttered by a senior aide to the prime minister, inexplicably, during a 1Malaysia seminar in Malacca:

  • Indians came to Malaysia as beggars and Chinese especially the women came to sell their bodies.
  • Indians in Malaysia have crossed the line. They force the government for 12 subjects in SPM. Don’t force the government. We can anytime revoke the citizenship of the Indians in Malaysia.

Read news reports here and here.

Yeah, right. That should get the ‘pendatang’ natives restless and off their seats, literally.

And for making these racist remarks, Nasir Safar, will tender his resignation.

But shouldn’t the Sedition Act be thrown at him as well considering what was said by the Homey minister and the ICC(*) chappy recently? Read here (*Information, Communication and Culture ministry)

Excerpt: “crossing the line” included posting seditious contents on sensitive issues to incite anger and hatred.

Aduka Taruna had to face punitive action for his ‘virtual’ faux pas posting on the Johor Sultan but Nasir verbalised his seditious speech to a live audience, some of whom should be able to provide testimony.

It would appear that since firebombs, red/black paint and ‘imported/boiled/frozen‘ wild boar heads have failed to trigger an interracial conflagration, 1Malaysia seminar content will somehow include incendiary speeches by recalcitrant civil servants.

Ahhh .. is Najib’s embedded strategic ambiguity of 1Malaysia getting blown to smithereens by ‘friendly fire’?