TMI pix and story here.

But Nasir, by his own admission through this ‘apology’, had ‘crossed the line’ of common decency, didn’t he.

Thus he had also violated the Sedition Act.

Sooo .. why aren’t the-powers-that-be charging Nasir for inciting hatred and/or creating disharmony, as they are wont to say, whenever ‘alleged’ inflammatory speeches are made by those non-aligned to the UMNO Baru led BN administration.

At last count, twelve police reports were made against Nasir and we have not heard from the AG’s office yet. Perhaps, the AG and his team are rather busy addressing the other circus show in town.

Or perhaps, the AG doesn’t relish going against Nasir’s supporters like ‘post-puberty’ Ibrahim Ali of PERKASA who also has tacit blessings from TDM.

No wonder some people sez this country is going doggy!

Update 0815HR 07/02/10 – Wanna read about monkeys and chicken culling?