Life goes on, eh folks.

Buttressed by the Federal Court decision, UMNO Baru is still the undisputed usurper of democratic governance in the Silver state whose lustre will only shine again after the next general election.

Forget about a snap state poll coz ‘Dark Chocolate Pele’ won’t have the guts for a good clean game.

Anywayz, let’s have a look at the bigger picture – Malaysia, the nation.

TMI carried this report today – Malaysia veering towards instability, says PERC


  • In a blistering report on Malaysia released at the end of January, PERC also asserted that a group of elite minorities were dominating the national agenda to the extent that it was hurting Malaysia’s attractiveness to investors.
  • The report noted that the government is blaming the international media for exaggerated reporting and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had argued that the focus should not be on the fringe groups that are causing problems but on the majority of Malaysians who are coming together to condemn the recent acts of violence following the ‘Allah’ controversy. But PERC maintained that the root of the problem was a vocal minority that is dominating the national agenda.
  • The report also said that while Islamic activists which are “threatening Malaysia’s secular credentials” are getting the widest coverage, it was the Umno elites, described as “a fringe group of insiders who have been able to profit disproportionately from the policies of the ruling coalition” that deserved the most attention.

(Full report here)

Sooo .. are we staring into an abyss and getting ever deeper in a black-hole of economic ruin with NTR at the helm?

Don’t be surprised if I told you that it was forecasted as such since March 2008.

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And you can read the entire Nostradamus ‘Najibs-a-mess’ here.

Regime change, anyone?

I’m out of popcorn.