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Sorry Art. While you do your darn best to speak to ordinary folks, even in the halls of the KLSCAH, to bring a message of hope and understanding for this great nation of ours, there are still individuals like R.Tee whose words MUST be heard via the national boob-tube.

For someone who has a propensity to overuse ‘ultra-kiasu‘ in his writings, R. Tee is certainly living the part, eh folks.

P.S. R. Tee’s meat analogy to 1Malaysia was hilariously flawed provided you have the stomach to read till the end of his posting.

Update: 2030HR 10/02/10

I was reliably informed by a member of the audience that the ‘MCA’ debate held at the KLSCAH was recorded in full by TV3. Including cue parts for applause and all that jazz.

Sooo .. what’s R. Tee’s kambing about not wanting his views to be mis-represented and/or mis-interpreted? TV3 belong to UMNO  .. unless R. Tee’s cable not strong enuf to pull favors.

National emoticon icon, he’s not, to warrant a live coverage. Besides, UMNO Baru wouldn’t want another ‘Nasir Safar’ debacle, would they.

Ultimately, whether R. Tee is a ‘coward’ or not – Kalau belum potong, belum jantan lah tu!