Every decent Malaysian’s favorite butt-joke coffee boy, Saiful, has filed a police report that his life is in grave danger from a death threat by a person named ‘Anaz Zahari’.

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Does ‘Anaz Zahari’ really exist? Yes.

There are probably hundreds and thousands of ‘Anaz Zahari’ out there in the entire world living their lives in every which way they can. Mostly, earnestly and honestly.

Sooo .. how do you find the bad ‘Anaz’ who allegedly wish harm onto Saiful?

Well, coffee boy think it’s cool to use Google to search for ‘Anaz’. Wokay, we can live with that, don’t we. Hey, Googling is like every Netizen’s holy grail, so to speak.

And with all search engines, there’s always an option to fine-tune your results so that you don’t end up spending the next 48 hours hunched over your pc and clicking open thousands of leads. Simply put, Saiful is not using his effing brain to interface with technology.

But what do you expect from a uni dropout who goes to see the PM for a scholarship handout.

Instead of Googling, why didn’t Saiful use a dedicated Facebook search engine since he himself is a Facebooker? That way, it narrows down the odds on false leads. Oh, I forgot. We’re dealing with a dunce.

Anywayz, perhaps after more than 48 hours, Saiful eventually came up with a Facebook profile info on ‘Anaz’ –


Which invariably lead him to a ‘profile not found’ page. Duuhhhh!!!

Dead end? Not quite but yes, it is in a way.

In fact, this piece of ‘evidence’ provided by Saiful will eventually get everyone barking up the wrong tree. Including the MIBs i.e. if they take Saiful’s police report seriously.


Facebook profile ID numbers has NINE last digits, not EIGHT. Ocassionally, it’s TEN digits.

And putting up a Facebook screenshot of a threatening message sent anonymously to him does not make Saiful a smart boy if he himself cannot provide any corroborative evidence to support his claim.

Hang on, isn’t the same thing happening right now in the courts.

Hmmm .. Saiful, Saiful.