With forked tongues, you get only two stinging flavors from UMNO Baru.

Bad and worse.

It’s like having to choose between a closet racist bigot and a full blown hypocritical .. err .. racist bigot.

Didja read about another ‘Nasir Safar’ moment, this time in the UK, coming out of the mouth of the executive secretary of UMNO Baru?

If not for a Malaysian by the name of Ahmad Naim Mazlan (we really should see him as one for his courage in writing what he wrote), we’d never know the shenanigans umnonites are up to behind closed doors, even in lands far from home.

Whether in private or public, the following derogatory words are still unacceptable by any measure of civilised discourse:

  • Bangsa asing
  • Tanah Melayu
  • Jangan biarkan bangsa asing pijak kepala kita

But then again, when did these UMNO Baru types ever become capable of winning an argument without dragging ketuanan melayu into their vocabulary.

For them, just by uttering “I am malay” is the silver bullet to declare “Therefore, I win”. Doesn’t matter what was won or for that matter, what to do with this decisive pyrrhic victory that they have gained.

Hmmm … must be a severe case of kiasu-nitis like that celup fler in UPNM (read: last name on list), I guess.

Dang! Where was I ..

And Abdul Rauf Yusoh’s vigorously lame denial was .. revealing:

  • This was a closed door session… this is not true, because what I said was that Malays must sustain power in order to gain respect from the Chinese and other races – Halloooo .. respect must earn first mah. Not take free wan
  • I think the student who overheard, his BM (Malay language) was not very good – Yup, only umnonites know UMNO Baru’s BM nuances .. Duuuhhhh!
  • I am not supporting Nasir Safar at all! I am not supporting what he said. Let me just put it this way — there is a right forum to talk about Malay interests, and what Nasir Safar did was not right, talking like that in public – But privately, behind closed doors can ah? Out of sight doesn’t mean you can’t be heard
  • If it was discussed behind a closed door session, its normal, but he said it outside… what he said was not right – Well, that bloke quit. Will you do likewise?

Now that certainly sounds like someone caught with his tongue wedged between a tight crevice.

Lots of slobbering, ineligible gibberish to extricate oneself without looking guilty as hell.

But, but, but,“…. would have sufficed.

P.S. ANM described ARY as quite ‘sizeable’. Why is it that these UMNO Baru types are almost always ‘sizeable’? Methane retention condition, me thinks.