……… more pliable, sleeping partners.

Pretty obvious I reckon upon reading the MSMs (free online versions, not paid prints, mind you) lately.

Mulling direct memberships into the BN coalition, UMNO Baru through its assigned homey, Hishammuddin, must amend the BN charter to allow other ‘friendly’ entities to join their cause and hopefully, solidify its support base to face the soon-to-be-registered Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia in the next general election.

It also means BN’s pledge of full consensus from its current 13 political party-based members to allow the entry of other categories (read: NGOs and NGIs, etc) of applicants will be rescinded.

In as much as to how UMNO Baru presently control the decision making process within the BN coalition (including its less than subtle position in acting like a reluctant big-brother to quarreling siblings), would the new paradigm shift further entrench UMNO Baru’s clout when lesser strength ‘equals’ are brought into the errr .. equation?

Especially when finite finances will be sought by more members in order to carry out seemingly patriotic pursuits in the name of democracy.

Isn’t that UMNO Baru’s end-game, after all.

To create a facade of multi-lateral representation without the prerequisite checks and balances of collective responsibility despite BN originally defining itself as ‘a confederation of political parties which subcribes to the objec[tive]s of the Barisan Nasional’?

Let me put it another way, hypothetically –

  • Pemuda UMNO Baru recently got RM2 million to carry out its youth outreach program
  • PERKASA makes a similar demand for whatever activities it wants to do (more street demos against foreign embassies to protect Malaysia’s sovereignty, for instance)
  • KIMMA also slips in a request for ‘wang ehsan‘ to compensate for income losses incurred for its Penang-based Pelita outlets
  • ALLBLOGS (hehehe! Sorry, Rocky) gets a grant for RM50 million for a new secretariat location since it lost Bloghouse last year
  • yadda, yadda, hey, we are not even considering what the rest of the motley coterie will ask for yet.

For added perspective in another explicit example, the Federal-State relationship on the OIL issue is manipulated by UMNO Baru with inconsistent applications of the Petroleum Development Act. Read here, here and here.

Ahhh .. yer get the bigger but hidden picture, no?

Same bed, different dreams and/or nightmares.