Just a little something that needs to be recorded for posterity.

Two Gmail screenshots below are comments which appeared at a HartalMSM posting sent by Non Partisan aka NP who has been skulking around at that blog ever since an expose on ‘Bedy Nx Muneh’ was made.

Sent at 6.46am.

Sent at 6.47am.

Non Partisan aka NP must have been in a hurry to trot out two messages in double quick time, eh folks.

Would you consider this as irrefutable proof of Non Partisan aka NP impersonating ‘Shar’, specially when both messages have the same IP address?

But through the wonders of WordPress, I’ve changed the 2nd message from “I am Shar” to “I am actually, Non Partisan aka NP, the impersonator lurking around in HartalMSM“. Wanna push me around? I’d shove back, hard!

Anywayz, to nullify any delusions of grandeur by Non Partisan aka NP, when HartalMSM wanted to expose the facetious purpose of the UMNO Baru Facebook, it was Non Partisan aka NP who provided the opportunity.

Have you noticed the propensity of ‘commercial’ adverts appearing on the UMNO Baru Facebook lately? Are they losing focus and traction? But their membership is hugh, you’d say. Hey, with people like Non Partisan aka NP happily impersonating, how do we know if there aren’t any multiple Facebook IDs on that page.

Furthermore, why is Mukhriz Mahathir now missing from the admin line-up of this Facebook group? Dah malu kut.

Yup, Non Partisan aka NP, it was never about you.