PERKASA’s numero uno said this in a Malaysian Insider report.

What he forgot, or rather, conveniently ignored to mention was that UMNO Baru was in the ‘driver’s seat’ since 31st August 1957 within the BN coalition.

Fifty three years is arguably a lifetime or a generation for most people.

Japan and Germany regained their self-esteem and pride, in both economic and social standings, in the eyes of the entire world within less than five decades despite their humiliating subjugation in the aftermath of WW2.


  • “I want to clarify something… people are thinking that MPM is racist, it’s not true. We are focusing on the distribution of the country’s wealth, based on social justice.
  • The memorandum, titled “meletakkan agenda Melayu dalam ekonomi Melayu” had four main points to offer.


Tweaking the Fed Con ain’t gonna do squat for the malays if they ain’t got the aptitude to work hard and survive in an increasingly crowded and globalised economic infrastructure.

Ibrahim Ali’s ‘croakings’ in the corridors of power should be seen for what it really represents – a covert attempt to live a leisurely life at the expense of true Malaysian patriots.

Bottom line – There should be no marginalisation of any ethnic group irrespective of being the majority or minority.